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Katrina (AG011)

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'''Katrina''' (Japanese: '''カクリ''' ''Kakuri'') is a [[character of the day]] from the [[Pokémon anime]] who appeared in ''[[AG011|A Bite to Remember]]''.
Katrina is a {{tc|Pokémon Ranger|Ranger}} andwho hasis in charge of protecting a Pokémon reserve located in a forest. Her three {{p|Mightyena}} and a {{p|Poochyena}} assist her in that shematter, usedscaring toaway protectany intruders who harm the Pokémon in the reserve. As soon as [[Max]] started scaring away the Pokémon there, Katrina accuses them as the intruders and has Mightyena and Poochyena take care of {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}}. wereDuring inthe battle with the Dark-type Pokémon, Katrina shows up and explains to Ash and his friends that they are on a Pokémon reserve. AtLater, she takes them to the endpreserve center where she takes care of theany episode,Pokémon herwho Poochyenaare evolvedinjured afterand fightingnurses offthem {{TRT}}back to health.
SheMax alsobefriends the Poochyena during his time at the reserve as he wants it to evolve. Katrina allows him to do so and gives the group a place to stay. While Max is training Poochyena so it could evolve, Katrina goes to the forest and finds a piece of a net that was used for catching Pokémon. She takes carethe group to the area that she found the piece of injuredthe net. They end up finding Max in a confrontation with {{TRT}} as they were responsible for taking the Pokémon from the reserve. Poochyena becomes one of the Pokémon caught in the net. With Max's encouragement of Poochyena using {{m|Bite}}, Poochyena successfully uses the move and nursesfrees themitself backalong with the trapped Pokémon with {{AP|Pikachu}} finishing off the villains. The battle with Team Rocket causes Poochyena to healthevolve into Mightyena, much to Max's excitement.
|epname=A Bite to Remember
|desc=Katrina uses these {{p|Mightyena}} to protect the reserve, one of which was a {{p|Poochyena}}. They were first seen approaching {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} after [[Max]]'s excitement scared any some Pokémon in the reserve. The Mightyena had a battle with {{AP|Pikachu}}, {{TP|May|Torchic}} and {{TP|Brock|Forretress}} until Katrina and Poochyena show up.
OneAt ofthe herreserve Mightyenacenter, usedKatrina explains to bethe agroup lonethat {{p|Poochyena}} thatand didthe notMightyena evolve withare the others.same [[Max]]age befriendedand thethat Poochyena. Noting that he shouldndidn't beevolve leftat out,the Maxsame decidedtime toas startthe trainingothers itdespite sobeing itthe couldsame evolveage. AfterMax trainingtrains itthe againstPoochyena {{an|May}}'sin Pokémonorder andto accomplish the goal. It has a fightbattle with {{TRT}},Torchic itbut eventuallythat wasn't evolvedenough.
Between themLater, {{TRT}} kidnap Poochyena along with the fourPokémon in the reserve. Mightyena's knownand attacksthe aregroup {{m|Tackle}}arrive andto rescue the stolen Pokémon. Max encourages Poochyena to use {{m|Bite}} to free the Pokémon in the net. Poochyena successfully does so and is freed. The battle with the villains caused Poochyena to evolve into Mightyena.}}
The Mightyena that evolved from Poochyena knows {{m|Tackle}} and {{m|Bite}}.<br>
None of the other three Mightyena's moves are known.}}
===Taken care of===