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Castelia Sewers

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(Japanese: '''ヒウン{{tt|下水道|げすいどう}}''' ''{{tt|Hiun|Castelia}} Sewers'') is a location in south Unova. It is accessible via an entrance in [[Castelia City]], on the pier near the [[Gate|Bridge Gate]]. When exploring for the first time, [[Hugh]] will join the player as a [[Tag Battle|tag partner]]. Here the player meets [[Colress]] for the first time. [[Relic Path]] is accessible from here. There is also an exit to Castelia City's park with wild Pokémon, and when the sewers are flooded, to Castelia City's back alley. During [[Seasons|autumn and winter]], the sewers are dry, blocking some areas and removing the requirement of {{m|Surf}} to access others.
== Description ==
A sewer-like place filed with {{p|Rattata|rats}} and {{p|Grimer|sludge}}.
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