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ゥ. B

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| name=ゥ. B
| image=YGlitchCD.png
| speciessize=56px
| lv100expcaption=1ゥ. 059B's 860sprite
| caption=ゥ. B
| ndex=009
| typen=1
| games={{game|Yellow}}
| hex=CD
| mewspecial=N/A—
| catchratejohtoguard=?{{p|Ledian}}
| lv100exp=1059860
| generation=1
| gen1equivexists=yes
| gen1equiv=RB
| hybridof=Blastoise
| johtoguard={{p|Ledian}}
| height-ftin=23'2"
| height-m=7.06
| weight-lbs=1031.6
| weight-kg=467.93
| catchrate=0
'''ゥ. B''' is an {{type|Water}} [[glitch Pokémon]] in {{game|Yellow}}. It is a [[Glitch Pokémon family|hybrid glitch Pokémon]] of {{p|Blastoise}}. It can only be obtained by performing the [[Johto guard glitch]] with {{p|Ledian}}. It becomes [[Trainer (glitch Pokémon)|Trainer]] when traded to {{2v2|Red|Blue}}. It's not available directly in wild, as using Special stat of 205 in the [[Ditto glitch]] will instead make the player fight a [[Jr. Trainer♂]] that has three ゥ. B. It has athe cry of {{p|Zapdos}}.
==Game data==