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'''Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Bulbapedia'''
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SoI'm yes,Evan. thisI'm isnow attending college somewhere in the personalnorth-central pagepart of evkl,New who'sYork yourState averageand 17-yearenjoying oldit kid,quite residinga inlot, southeasternwhich Pennsylvania.explains why WhichI'm happensnot toaround behere inas the USAmuch. I'm currentlyhail infrom mysuburban seniorPhiladelphia, yearwhich ofgets highan school,unnecessarily thebad 12thrap gradefor ina thewhole Americanlot system.of reasons, Thissome pageof iswhich inI thedon't firstfully personunderstand, mainlybut becausemany of which I'm talkingdo. about myselfAnyway, aI hobbygrew up there, so I enjoysuppose I moreliked thanit mostenough.
Do I still like this? This being the whole Bulbapedia thing. I like the institution, of course, and I'm very proud of where it's come over the past few years, although my interest in subjects pertaining to it has waned as I've matured. But it's a fun time around here, and I'd like to think that I'm not inactive in the community. I still enjoy keeping things nice and fresh and orderly around here, don't get me wrong--but I am no longer what one might call an active contributor. I do a lot of work in the policy of and planning on new projects and such, when I have the time. Otherwise, I'm kind of laid-back. Pretty normal, I guess.
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Subjects I have takensome orexperience Iin amall currently taking andof the level I've gone up to infollowing themsubjects:
Computer Science: Intro to Java, VisualBasic, and C++ <br>
English: AP (College) level, plus a journalism course.Journalism <br>
Foreign Language: French, level 5. <br>
History: US History (College course); American, Government (College course); Political ScienceEuropean, (Collegeand Course)Middle Eastern<br>
Mathematics: AP Calculus (Collegeand Economics course)<br>
Sciences: Biology, AP Chemistry, Physics. <br>
====On evkl's name====
My real name is a well-kept secret known to only a small handful of my friends in the online community; the name '''evkl''' is a combination of ''Evan'' and the first two letters of my last name, ''Kl''. This has led to some calling me "Evan Kayell", which might as well be a last name.
The actual name should be ''evkl'', with no capital letters. Bulbapedia's software does notdoesn't support this, nor does Damian Silverbladebut, whoas feelsMick theJagger needonce tosaid, putyou evklcan'st always nameget inwhat allyou capswant.
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