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Metanite (TCG)

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|cards={{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Metagross δ|11}}, {{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Dragonite δ|3}}, {{TCG ID|EX Holon Phantoms|Rare Candy|90}}
'''Metanite''' is a [[Pokémon TCG]] deck that utilizes the [[{{TCG|Holon Engine]]}}, and combines the "Crush and Burn" attack of {{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Metagross δ|11}} with the "Delta Charge" [[Pokémon Power|Poké-Power]] of {{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Dragonite δ|3}}. The [[Holon Engine]] burns through the deck very quickly, allowing a player to root out their copies of {{TCG ID|EX Holon Phantoms|Rare Candy|90}}, which in turn will let the player quickly get their {{TCGMetagross ID|EX Delta Species|Metagross|11}}δ and {{TCGDragonite ID|EX Delta Species|Dragonite|3}}δ into play. As an additional speed boost for the deck, {{TCG ID|EX Holon Phantoms|Holon's Castform|44}}'s "Delta Draw" attack can give the player many extra draws.
The key cards in the deck are {{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Metagross δ|11}} and {{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Dragonite δ|3}}, both of which combine to form the deck's name. Of course, {{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Holon Transceiver|98}} and the rest of the [[{{TCG|Holon Engine]]}} are also crucial to the deck's success. {{TCG ID|EX Holon Phantoms|Holon's Castform|44}} is also a main tool because it can quickly give a player the cards they need to put together the Metagross/Dragonite combo, such as {{TCG ID|EX Holon Phantoms|Rare Candy|90}}, which allows a player to skip an evolution. And, naturallyNaturally, the deck will not work without {{TCG|Lightning Energy}}.
After the 2007 TCG World Championships, the {{TCG|EX Delta Species}} set will be restricted from [[Pokémon Organized Play]] in the [[Rotation (TCG)|Rotation]], and {{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Metagross|11rotation}}, {{TCGand ID|EXMetagross Deltaδ, Species|Dragonite|3}} δ, and most of the [[Holon Engine]] will be going with it, rendering the deck completely unusable. It was a deck that ruled the game for a long time, and banning it will begin a whole new format.
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