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A new challenge andAfter a newshort adventurerecap beginsof the story as the second partevents of the Kantoprevious Pokémon Contest begins. With {{an|May}} successfully registered for the Contestepisode, we[[Lilian stepMeridian]] upon a new frontier. Lilianofficially begins withthe usualSaffron announcementsContest andby to startshowcasing the Contest offstage and explainexplaining the prizes and rules. May iswatches watching a nearbyvia television which is broadcastingin the Contestcontestants' informationroom as sheand confirms to {{TP|May|Squirtle}} that they will win the Contest. Harley interrupts withand hisapologizes usualfor deviouswhat he talkdid, attempting to 'apologize' tobut May. Whensees Maythrough bluntlyhis tellsdevious himtalk toand dropreaffirms thethat act,they hewill canwin. seeHarley itquickly willdrops notthe work,act and contemptuously proclaims that he will defeat her.
Lilian then introduces the judges comprising of the KantoSaffron Contest: [[Raoul Contesta]], [[Mr. SheSukizo]], thenand [[Saffron City]]'s Nurse Joy. She asks the crowd if they are ready. Theto crowdbegin, explodesprompting inuproarious a gigantic roar ascheers. Lilian officially startsIn the Contest.audience, [[James]] then wonders if Jessie hasmight aactually this one, but {{MTR}} replies withsaying that she doesn't stand a nochance.
Harley is the first contestant and calls upon his Cacturne, who thenstarts things off useswith {{m|Cotton Spore}}. CacturneThe then beginsspores slowly rotating the sporesrotate in the air andwhile finallyHarley usescalls for {{m|Needle Arm}}. uniquely,Cacturne stands motionless for some time before suddenly sendingprotruding spikes from its whole body through all of the spheresspores, whichcreating createan a magnificent array ofinteresting colorsdisplay.
Other contestants are then shown with their Pokémon, including {{p|Pidgeot}}, {{p|Vileplume}}, {{p|Alakazam}}, and {{p|Tangela}}. Lilian then introduces "Empress Jessibella"—[[Jessie|Jessibella]] onto the platformin when she thendisguise—who releases Cacnea. Cacnea thenand startsJessie toruns runtoward towardseach herother and jumpshug aseach Jessie catches itother. The hardpainful spikesembrace drivemoves throughLilian her skin asand the whole crowd adoresto hertears performancein ofreaction showingto how close Jessibella isand toCanea herappear Cacneato by cryingbe. CacneaJessie thentells releasesCacnea anto array ofuse {{m|Pin Missile}} whichand explodethe overheadpins creatingwind aupward giganticand fireworkscollide, creating an explosion similar to that of fireworks. Both Meowth and James are amazed at Jessie's performance. Lilian then goes to congratulate Jessie but goes to noticenotices that Cacnea is still attached to her and she's not moving at all. Lilian taps her and she falls to the floor, paralyzed with pain. Jessie is then rushed back into the operating room again by {{p|Chansey}}.
Lilian then introduces the last contestant, May, with her Squirtle observing at her side. Squirtle seems touneasy becomeat agitatedthe fromsight of the crowdsmass of people in the stands, and begins to become nervous.but May then reassuressays that it'll get over it. andShe calls upon {{TP|May|Combusken}}, whichwho gracefullytwists releasesand flips to the ground like a gymnast upon release from its [[Poké Ball]] and lands on the ground. May then unties and throws her bandanna towardstoward Combusken as it propelstells it withto ause {{m|Fire Spin}} highand above{{m|Sky the arenaUppercut}}. Combusken thenpropels jumpsthe throughbandanna itsupward ringwith ofFire Spin, leaps through the spiraling fire, and begins peltinghits it repeatedly with {{m|Sky Uppercut}}, which knotstying it back intoto its normal state. Combusken then delivers one last uppercutblow to tiedsend bandannathe whichretied thenbandanna fliesright back towardsonto May and lands perfectly atop her's head. Combusken lands in front of May and theythe finishtwo inpose afor stancethe asfinish. theThe crowd goes wild, shouting and cheering. EveryoneSquirtle looks on admiringly and everyone seems to be pleased with May'sher performance, except for Harley, who seems to belooks disappointed with her success.
The next eight contestants are then announced, which include both May, Jessie, and JessieHarley. James seemsand toMax beare pleasedsurprised thatat Jessie's passedsuccess theand firstwonder roundif asshe Maxmight exhibitsactually the same emotion about his sister, Maywin. The contestants' battle match-ups are thenrandomly shuffledselected, withand battleit matchis upsrevealed being created.that Jessie versuswill face Harley whileand May iswill to challengebattle another participant in the second round of the Contest. May is very exuberant and excited about her performance as Harley interrupts her again. He then begins off with his usual threats asand sheMay fires back quickly with a response to his statements.
A strange person then interrupts May and Harley which are wrapped in some whitemummy-like cloth andinterrupts appearthe to be a mummyargument. The unknown person then removes the confinementcloth and reveals herself to be the "Empress Coordinator" Jessibella. Harley and Jessibella then both mention that they're going to beat each other and then May. The second partround of the Contest is to beginbegins with Lilian introducing the first battle round with, Jessie versus Harley. Harley quickly releases his {{TP|Harley|Ariados}} while Jessie calls upon {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}}. Both James and Meowth are confused about Jessie's choice of Wobbuffet for the second round. Jessie's plan is to have Wobbuffet use {{m|Mirror CoatCounter}} just as Ariados fires an attack whichto willreflect thenit reflectback uponat Wobbuffetdouble andthe backfirepower. Harley seemscatches on and is reluctant withto makingmake the first move, whileknowing Wobbuffetit ''can't''would attack,only and they keep telling the other to attackbackfire. Lilian then revealsannounces that she has no choice but to dockgive them each a yellow card, which subtracts half the points from both participants' scores. Both Harley and Jessie argue back and forth as Lilian is about to deductdisqualify the other halfboth of their pointsthem for the two'snot bickering. Contesta mentions that another yellow card would mean disqualificationbattling. Harley thensubmits asksand Lilian to wait andtells Ariados firesto a stream ofuse {{m|String Shot}} towardson Wobbuffet. Seizing the opportunity, Jessie directs Wobbuffet to use Mirror CoatCounter, but itWobbuffet quicklybecomes failshelplessly aswrapped Ariadosby entanglesthe Wobbuffet with its sticky fluidmaneuver. Brock commends the strategy and explains that since String Shot is a [[Status move|defensive move]] and not an attack, Mirrorneither CoatCounter nor {{m|CounterMirror Coat}} will work, as they only work with attacks. Ariados then starts to movemanipulates Wobbuffet around like a puppet with its attached strings, as points are quicklygradually deducted from Jessie's score. Jessie'sThe pointscrowd continuebegins to droplaugh asat theythe nearpuppet closershow andon closerdisplay, towhich Theended crowdwhen seemsAriados tois betold enjoyingto Harley and Ariados's puppet show withthrow Wobbuffet. Ariados then finishes the round and sends WobbuffetIt hurlingtumbles through the arenaair and landinglands on Ariados's back. The rest of Jessie's points are deducted and Harley advances to the next round. Jessie, James, and Meowth then fallsfall to the ground, turning white as James and Meowth do exactly thefrom samedisbelief.
Intervals between May and Harley's rounds are shown with Squirtle knocking out a {{p|Crobat}} with a powerful {{m|Bubble}} and Ariados entangling a {{p|Walrein}} in a sticky{{m|Spider webWeb}}. Squirtle deliversknocks out a devastating{{p|Weepinbell}} with {{m|Tackle}} to a Weepinbell, knocking it out. With both May and Harley advancinghaving throughwon all their rounds, boththey havefind themselves in the arrivedfinals atof the finalSaffron matchContest.
Lilian quickly starts the final match as May calls uponout Squirtle and Harley calls outreleases Ariados. Ariados attaches itself to the ceiling with its sticky String Shot, thenand movesswings towardsto Squirtle and usesuse {{m|Scary Face}}. Lilianclose complimentsup theto moveSquirtle. Squirtle then recovers and directs anuses {{m|Ice Beam}} towardson Ariados, but it quicklyis dodgesso itpowerful andthat theit beam disperses. Squirtle is knocked ontomisses its back from not being able to handle Ice Beam's powermark and can'tknocks seemSquirtle toonto getits back up on its feet. Ariados then retracts up intoto the ceiling and attachesshoots itsanother String Shot onto Squirtle's body., Ariadosbringing thenit pulls upcloser and graspsdeducting Squirtlemore as points are deducted fromof May's scorepoints. AriadosHarley thendecides createsto arack giganticup {{m|Spiderstyle Web}}points aroundby covering the arenawhole forstage stylewith pointsSpider asWeb, theimpressing crowdLilian roarsand the onaudience. Ariados then spins Squirtle around in a circle on a rope of String Shot and sends it hurlinghurtling towardsonto thea web, entangling its back in the sticky confinementprocess. AdditionalAs pointsSquirtle arecontinues thento deducted fromstruggle, May's scorepoints asare Squirtle struggles to get free and she seems to be in a little bit ofapproaching troublezero. Ariados then descends down from the ceiling to the web and begins walking towards Squirtle as it starts to panic. As Ariados comes forwardstrike with {{m|Double-Edge}},. SquirtleMay sendstries a Bubble towards Ariadosattack, but it quicklydoesn't blockseven theslow attackAriados with its antenna and continues towards Squirtle as additional points are removed from May's scoredown. May then recalls Squirtle's last attempt of Ice Beam which sentpropelled it hurling backwardsbackward because of its devastatinggreat power. SquirtleShe thentells launchesSquirtle ato devastatinguse Ice Beam, which sendssucceeds itnot flyingonly backwards to the stage floor andin freeing it from the web., but freezing Ariados makesand directall contact withof the beam and is encasedwebs in an icy prison, as the reststadium. ofHarley's thepoints webdrop isby frozenmore inthan glittering icehalf. Squirtle thenruns hopsand atopjumps onto the frozen web andto delivershit aAriados devastatingwith Bubble to Ariados, which shattersshattering the surrounding ice and throwsthrowing itAriados backward. Ariados tries to stop itself, but its feet can't get any grip on the frozen web, as. Squirtle descendsslides towardsdown Ariados,the slidingicy webs like a surfer-style and Tackles it. Ariados iscrashes sentonto flyingthe downwardground, crashing into the stage and knocking itknocked out as. Squirtle neatly lands on its feet on top of Ariados. Ariados is announced as unable to battle and May is declared the winner. Squirtle comes running back to May as Ash, Brock, and the group then complimentsMax hercheer from the stands. Harley thinks that the Contest was rigged and walks off in a huff. The crowd explodescheers as May is awarded her first Kanto Ribbon.
Outside Saffron Hall, May says she wants to practice all of her moves as Ash mentionstells of his excitement for the Battle Arena. The group then walks intooff in the sunset.
==Major events==