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* N returns to Unova with either Zekrom{{sup|B2}} or Reshiram{{sup|W2}}, who is then fused with Kyurem to form either Black Kyurem{{sup|B2}} or White Kyurem{{sup|W2}}.
* Unlike [[Pokémon Black and White]], the version mascots Black Kyurem{{sup|B2}} or White Kyurem{{sup|W2}} can't be caught within the story, but can be obtained post-game by following certain requirements.
* [[{{p|Cobalion]]}} and [[{{p|Virizion]]}} interact with the player, making it possible for to catch them during storythe storyline, --although youit canis possible to catch all three PokemonPokémon including [[{{p|Terrakion]]}}.
* Several tag battles take place throughout the game: one with the other player character, two with Cheren, four with Hugh, one with Bianca and a daily tag battle with one of Chili, Cress or Cilan (against the other two). <!-- may need rewording -->
* A new attraction known as the [[Pokémon World Tournament]] opens up in Driftveil City, where the player battles Gym Leaders and Champions from all five regions, among others.
*** Because of this, Unova and Kanto are the only two regions to be explored in different time periods, by different player characters (excluding gender counterparts).
* These are the first main series games in which the player starts at [[Aspertia City|a location in a City]], as all previous versions had the player starting at a Town.
* These are the first doublepaired versions to have both {{p|Kyurem|the same boxartPokémon pokémonon the boxart}}, with the only difference being its [[Form differences#Kyurem|form]].