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'''Murray''' (Japanese: '''ミウラ''' ''Miura'') is the [[Club Master]] of the [[Psychic Club]] (Japanese: '''エスパークラブ''' ''Esper Club''). He plays using the Strange Psyshock Deck (Japanese: '''アヤシイねんりきデッキ''' ''Suspicious Psyshock Deck'') and gives away the [[{{TCG|Medal|Psychic Medal]]}} to challengers who defeat him. In {{Card GB 2}}, he uses the '''わたされたGRデッキ''' ''Handed Over GR Deck'' and later the '''ちょうエリートデッキ''' ''Super Elite Deck''.
Murray is known for his arrogance and for not listening to other people. He also wields a spoon, similar to the spoon {{p|Kadabra}} has.
When the main character first meets him, he'll ignore the main character until main character has 4 master medals.
Upon defeat, he will give the player the [[{{TCG|Medal|Psychic Medal]]}} and two {{GB|1|Laboratory}} booster packs.
===Strange Psyshock Deck===