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==Key cards==
* '''[[Magnezone (Triumphant 96)|Magnezone Prime]]''' - As the deck's main attacker, Magnezone Prime had the ability to knock out literally any Pokémon with its ''Lost Burn'' attack, depending on the number of energy cards the MagneRock player had in play. It also provided significant drawpower power in the form of its ''Magnetic Draw'' Poké-Power, which allowed the player to draw cards until he or she had six cards in hand. Magnezone Prime possessed a downside in its {{e}}{{e}}{{e}} Retreat Cost, but overall was the most critical card in the deck.
* '''{{TCG ID|Arceus|Spiritomb|32}}''' - Spiritomb was the deck's ideal starting Pokémon, since its ''Keystone Seal'' Poké-Body prevented both players from using {{TCG|Trainer card|Trainer cards}} as long as it was in the active position. While this did somewhat disadvantage MagneRock, it provided a fantastic counter to the Trainer-reliant {{TCG|Pokémon SP}} decks such as {{TCG|LuxChomp}} that dominated the format. Additionally, while hindering the deck's setup in that it disallowed Trainer cards, Spiritomb assisted MagneRock with its ''Darkness Grace'' attack, which, for no energy cost, allowed the player to search his or her deck for a card to evolve a Benched Pokémon.
* '''{{TCG ID|Legends Awakened|Regirock|38}}''' - The other half of MagneRock's namesake, Regirock, provided the means to attach more energy each turn that would typically be permitted. With its ''Regi Cycle'' Poké-Power, Regirock let the player discard two cards from his or her hand to search the discard pile for a Fighting energy, and attach it to a Pokémon. After discarding an energy with {{TCG|Engineer's Adjustments}}, Regirock could inundate MagneRock's field with energy quickly, making for massive ''Lost Burns''.