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'''TyRam''', also commonly known as '''ReshiPhlosion''', was a popular {{TCG|deck archetype}} in the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game|Pokémon TCG]] during the later part of the '10-'11 and the beginning of the '11-'12 {{TCG|Pokémon Organized Play|Organized Play}} seasons, following the format rotation to HGSS-on. It has seen a lot of play in major tournaments, and took both 3rd and 4th place in the Masters division of the 2011 Pokémon TCG World Championships. The deck's strategy focuses on consistently attacking with {{TCG ID|Black & White|Reshiram|26}}'s ''Blue Flare'' to do 120 damage every turn, starting turn 2 or 3.
==Deck Strategy==
The main cards in this deck are Reshiram, Emboar and Ninetales. Reshiram is the main attacker which does 120 damage for 1 colorless and 2 fire energy, however you discard 2 fire energy. Emboar's ability let's you move as much fire energy as you like from your hand to your pokemon, this combined with energy retrieval means that you can get back those energy you lost and put them back on to Reshiram to attack again in 1 turn. Another method to get a lot of energy however from the discard pile is Ninetales which let's you get back 3 fire energy form your discard pile and put them on 1 of your pokemon (usually Reshiram).