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* Officially, as stated by the owner of the Pokétch Company, there are two models of the Pokétch: a blue one for boys and a pink one for girls. However, the official art and sprites of {{ga|Barry}} show him wearing an orange Pokétch. His {{an|Barry|anime}} and {{adv|Pearl|manga}} counterparts also wear the orange Pokétch in its Platinum design. [[Zoey]], on the other hand, has a Diamond and Pearl one the same color as her shirt.
* For ''[[DP010|Not on MY Watch Ya Don't]]'', [[Professor Oak's lecture]] is about the Pokétch. He writes this [[Pokémon senryū]] about it: ポケッチに まだまだふえる アプリかな ''Pokétchi ni, madamada fueru, apuri kana'' "For the Pokétch, an ever-growing Application."
* The father of the company's President remarks on the Pokétch: "''Pokémon Watch! That's Pokétch for short. Say it the long way and... What does Pokémon stand for again?''" This is the first time that the fact that [[Pokémon]] is short for Pocket Monsters is referenced in the English translation. Essentially, this would also mean that the ''real'', long way to say "Pokétch" would be to say Pocket Monster Watch, which the Japanese games themselves explicitly state.
* The games show the Pokétch with a traditional LCD, reminiscent of the [[Game Boy]], while the anime switches between an LCD display and a full-color LED display.
* In function, a very close real-life analog to the Pokétch is the {{wp|Timex Datalink|Timex Datalink USB}} watch, more accurately described as a programmable wrist computer, used by astronauts and cosmonauts in space.