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If you see me editing, it is most likely just correcting spelling or grammar mistakes, removing not notable trivia, reverting vandalism or poor quality edits that don't help the wiki or just making other minor edits. If you disagree with anything I've done, bring it up on my talk page. If you want to thank me for something I've done, also feel free to bring that up on my talk page. :P
== Favourite PokémonParties ==
These=== Pokémon areSoulSilver my favourites, in order. I like mainly [[Kanto]] Pokémon but I like some others too. I also prefer Fire to other types.===
<{| align="center>"
{|border="1" style="border: 1px solid #000; border-collapse: collapse;" width=400px cellspacingalign="0center"
| align=center | [[Image:059.png]]<br>{{p|Arcanine}}<br><br>Pokémon
| alignpokemon=center | [[Image:229.png]]<br>{{p|Houndoom}}<br><br>Pidgeot
| aligngender=center | [[Image:006.png]]<br>{{p|Charizard}}<br><br>male
| aligntype1=center | [[Image:009.png]]<br>{{p|Blastoise}}<br><br>Normal
| aligntype2=center | [[Image:003.png]]<br>{{p|Venusaur}}<br><br>Flying
| alignndex=center | [[Image:143.png]]<br>{{p|Snorlax}}<br><br>018
|ability=Tangled Feet
|move3=Wing Attack|move3type=Flying|move3cat=Physical
|move1=Shadow Ball|move1type=Ghost|move1cat=Special
|move3=Lava Plume|move3type=Fire|move3cat=Special
|- align="center"
|move2=Muddy Water|move2type=Water|move2cat=Special
|move1=Mirror Shot|move1type=Steel|move1cat=Special
|move4=Bug Bite|move4type=Bug|move4cat=Physical}}
|move1=ice Fang|move1type=Ice|move1cat=Physical
|move2=Iron Tail|move2type=Steel|move2cat=Physical
|move3=Stone Edge|move3type=Rock|move3cat=Physical
{|border="1" style="border: 1px solid #000; border-collapse: collapse;" width=400px cellspacing="0"
| align=center | [[Image:169.png]]<br>{{p|Crobat}}<br><br>
| align=center | [[Image:018.png]]<br>{{p|Pidgeot}}<br><br>
| align=center | [[Image:149.png]]<br>{{p|Dragonite}}<br><br>
| align=center | [[Image:181.png]]<br>{{p|Ampharos}}<br><br>
| align=center | [[Image:448.png]]<br>{{p|Lucario}}<br><br>
| align=center | [[Image:555.png]]<br>{{p|Darmanitan}}<br><br>
==For this run, I decided to train Pokémon I had never used before (with the exception of Pidgeot as there are no good Flying types early on other than it and Spearow (which I trained in HeartGold, and then moved to Black). I started with Cyndaquil, caught a Pidgey early on. Caught a Bellsprout outside Viridian City, which I then traded for Rocky. I got the Wooper egg from [[Primo]] after entering in the secret code. I caught Pineco and Drowzee just south of PartyGoldenrod ==City.
I very almost got rid of Wooper as it was just simply pathetic. However, once it evolved into Quagsire, it shocked me by how much stronger it had become. It won three gym battles for me! Pineco was another surprise as it defeated so many Pokémon and quickly rose to become my favourite in my party. When it evolved, it became even better.
=== Pokémon Black ===
I use several Pokémon in my party, rotating them around often. I'm still tweaking the team and changing their moves as I go along.
{| align="center"