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Kai (M10)

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[[File:Kai vs Maury.png|thumb|left|300px|Battling Maury]]
He, along with [[Maury]] and [[Allegra]], challengechallenged {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} to a {{pkmn|battle}}; specifically, he went up against {{an|Dawn}} withand her {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}}, which began as a puff-contestContest (befitting their species' nature).
According to the end credits, he also participated in the [[Alamos Town]] {{pkmn|Contest}}, where he defeated Maury in the second round, and was likely defeated by Allegra in the finals as he was on the stage with her when she received the [[Ribbon]].
|epname=The Rise of Darkrai
|desc=Kai's only known Pokémon is an {{p|Empoleon}} which he first used to battle {{an|Dawn}}'s {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}} where despite Empoleon being the final evolution of Piplup, found itself unable to keep up with Piplup's contestContest moves. It later fell victim to {{mov|Darkrai|Darkrai|10}}'s {{m|Dark Void}} and participated in the Alamos Contest where it got Kai to the final only to lose to [[Allegra]] and her {{p|Infernape}}.
Empoleon's known moves are {{m|Drill Peck}} and {{m|Ice Beam}}.}}
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| style="{{roundy|20px}} border: 2px solid #{{steel color dark}}; background: #{{water color light}}; width:140px; height:140px"| [[File:Sugimori Kai anime.png|190px]]
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| [[Ken Sugimori]]'s design of Kai for the anime.
==Voice actors==