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'''Ieyasu''' (Japanese: '''イエヤス''') is a [[Warlord]] in [[Pokémon Conquest]].
* Reach a 70% Link with Aggron
''A most magnanimous man who treats his allies with great affection and is venerated by them in return. Careful and patient, he achieves results one step at a time.''
==Historical origin==
Ieyasu is based on the real-life {{wp|Tokugawa Ieyasu}} of Japanese history. Hidetada ({{wp|Tokugawa Hidetada}}) was his son. {{OBP|Hanzō|Conquest}}, {{wp|Tenkai}}, and Hatsume ({{jwp|初芽局|Hatsume no Tsubone}}) were in direct service to Ieyasu, and [[Tadakatsu]], Tadatsugu ({{wp|Sakai Tadatsugu}}), Yasumasa ({{wp|Sakakibara Yasumasa}}) and Naomasa ({{wp|Ii Naomasa}}) were the "Elite Four" of Ieyasu's army, the {{wp|Shitennō (Tokugawa clan)|Shitennō}}. Munenori ({{wp|Yagyū Munenori}}) was a femaleretainer ninjaof inthe his{{wp|Tokugawa serviceclan}} and Hidetada's swordsmanship teacher.
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