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Once in a Blue Moon
===Once in a Blue Moon===
{{Ash}} is sitting by a river polishing his Poké Balls with Pikachu beside him. The last ballBall he polishes is the [[GS Ball]], a gold and silver Poké Ball that Ash was taking to [[Kurt]]. {{an|Misty}} tells Ash that he will need more than shiny Poké Balls to win at the [[Violet Gym]]. Ash ignores her, and Misty tells him that {{an|Brock}} is cooking lunch. Brock says that the food is ready, and Misty and Ash race over. Suddenly Pikachu points to something in the water that is shiny and blue. A Pokémon rises up from the water and is revealed to be Quagsire. Misty wants to catch it and throws out a Poké Ball, revealing her Psyduck. Psyduck stands there and stares at Quagsire. Misty picks Psyduck up and accidentally kicks the GS Ball into the water. Quagsire picks it up in its mouth and swims away. Ash sends out Squirtle to get it back. Squirtle manages to catch up to Quagsire but loses grip due to its slippery skin. Quagsire ducks down under the water and throws Squirtle onto its back, then races away. Ash has Squirtle use {{m|Water Gun}}, and Quagsire opens its mouth to use Water Gun too but drops the GS Ball. Pikachu reaches out and catches the ballBall. Misty wants to catch it, and as she gets ready to throw a [[Poké Ball]] a police whistle is heard.
An [[Officer Jenny]] walks up and tells them that they are under arrest. They are all surprised, and Officer Jenny says that this is a Quagsire Preservation and that catching Quagsire is against the law. Ash and {{ashfr}} try to explain that they did not know it was a preservation, but she still takes them back to her headquarters. She calls [[Professor Oak]], and he tells them that the people of [[Cherrygrove City]] can tell the water is clean by where the Quagsire live. Officer Jenny then hangs up the phone and tells Ash and friends that they must never raise a finger against the Quagsire. They agree, and Ash asks why the Quagsire took the GS Ball. Officer Jenny says because it is round. The Quagsire around there are said to live in [[Blue Moon Falls]] and come down to Cherrygrove City around this time of year. They take any round objects they can find and take them upstream. The next day the objects float back downstream to the owners. They are supposed to carry pure water and good luck, and the last object to come back is supposed to be the luckiest of them all.