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Life Skills (Learning League)

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===Life Skills===
Ash and May were in a [[Double Battle]] and sadly lost. As they argue about the battle. Team Rocket spies on them and formulateformulates a plan to steal their Pokémon by forming battle partnerships with Ash and May separately, with Jessie teaming up with May (in disguise), and James teaming up with Ash (also in disguise). Max has a bad feeling about this, which later materializes as Team Rocket's plan works and they end up with both Pikachu and Skitty. Ash and May are still arguing, so Max calls Quinn and learns about teamwork.
Characters that appear in this episode are:
* "{{MTR|Pikachu}} "
Just like most episodes in the anime, the hosts of the dubious TV show is none other then Team Rocket, whose disguises are easy enough for the viewer to figure out, but just enough to fool the characters. Apparently, Team Rocket not only devised a TV show, but also managed to put their message into all forms of media: magazines, posters, websites, video games, even coming up with a snackfoodsnack food and theme song associated with their show.
Unlike most episodes of Learning League, this one ends in a cliffhanger, which is resolved in Media Part 2: Fact or Opinion.
====Nutrition Labels====
Ash and his friends are having a picnic at the beach before heading to the next town for another battle. After Pikachu accidentally kicks sand into Skitty's face, May decides that she needs more space. Brock joins her to train {{TP|Brock|Ludicolo}}. While they train, Max and Ash decide to eat the food they brought with them on the picnic, unbeknowestunbeknownst to them, Team Rocket is planning on stealing their food. Using an air puffer, they blow sand into the faces of Ash, Max and Pikachu. While they were blinded, they swipe the picnic basket and run off, with Max trying to chase them, but they get away. May and Brock hear the commotion and wonder what's going on. Max explains that Team Rocket stole all the best food, or at least the food that tasted the best. Brock explains that ingredients are what makes food good. They call up Quinn, who explains to them about nutrition labels on food packages.
Characters that appear in this episode are
====Good Sportsmanship====
May is competing in a [[Pokémon Contest]] with her {{TP|May|Eevee|Glaceon}} against a Trainer named Jessandra, who is really [[Jessie]] in disgusedisguise, with her {{TP|Jessie|Seviper}}. Seviper uses a {{m|Poison Tail}} attack, which generates cheers from the crowd. May decides to launch a counterattack, while James and Meowth plan on disrupting her. James orders {{TP|James|Cacnea}} to use {{m|Pin Missile}}, which hits Eevee from behind. May asks her Pokémon what's wrong, Eevee isn't too hurt but is feeling a bit saddened. James's deed hasn't gone un-noticed though: [[Nurse Joy]] and an extra in the audience notices it as well. While Seviper attacks with another Poison Tail, Jessandra begins to gloat. Max tells May to not to listen to her and to focus on the match. Eevee gets its confidence back and tries to attack. However, Cacnea shoots another Pin Missile from the sidelines, knocking Eevee off balance again. Jessandra insults May, and Meowth joins in. Round one is over with Jessandra as the winner, which causes her to gloat even more. May thinks about telling the judges that it's Jessandra's fault and that she should be disqualified for teasing her. Max reasons that even if she's a bad sport, doesn't mean that May should be one as well. However, May is too worked up about Jessandra to listen. Max calls Quinn up and he explains good sportsmanship to May and Max.
Characters that appear in this episode are
====Self Esteem====
Ash, May and Max are heading towards [[Pallet Town]]. Ash and May are psyched because they're going to have a Double Battle, and Ash hopes that [[Professor Oak]] is able to see him preformperform. May adds that even if he wasn't there, At least all the new Trainers can watch him. Max wants to meet him to talk about what it takes to be a great [[Pokémon Trainer]], and hopes he didn't forget anything. May says that his memory is like a book, which gives him an idea to write a book about the experiences of Pokémon training, and of his adventures with Ash. Ash decides to use Pikachu for the battle, while May chooses Eevee. They prepare for the battle while Max writes what happens. Later on, it's revealed that both of them were sorely beaten. Max is saddened by the loss, so much so that he isn't able to write about it any longer, he even considers to change the ending. However, Ash and May don't seem to mind the loss: Ash just likes to battle while May got some great ideas for her next Contests. Max wonders how he could feel good even after a defeat like that. Ash mentions that there were times when a loss would bum them out, but then they realized that it shouldn't get them down. They call Quinn up to explain things better. He then teaches the group about Self Esteem.
Characters that appear in this episode are