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Dragons Exalted (TCG)

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| jacards = 100+
| jasetnum = 50
| deck1 = {{TCG|Dragon SnarlDragonSnarl}}
| deck1type = {{e|Psychic}}{{e|Darkness}}
| deck2 = {{TCG|Dragon SpeedDragonSpeed}}
| deck2type = {{e|Water}}{{e|Fighting}}
| jarelease = March 16, 2012
'''Dragons Exalted''' is the first set to feature the {{ct|Dragon}} in English, including 2 Dragon-type {{TCG|Pokémon-EX}} cards, {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Rayquaza-EX|85}} and {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Giratina-EX|92}}. In addition to these two Pokémon-EX, four others were released: {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Ho-Oh-EX|22}}, {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Mew-EX|46}}, {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Terrakion-EX|71}}, and {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Registeel-EX|81}}. The set only includes all the cards from the Japanese {{TCG|Dragon Blast}} and {{TCG|Dragon Blade}} expansions, and their two accompanying half decks, the {{TCG|Garchomp Half Deck}} and the {{TCG|Hydreigon Half Deck}}, whose featured cards {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Garchomp|91}} and {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Hydreigon|98}} were later the focus of the English {{TCG|Theme Deck}}s {{TCG|Dragon SpeedDragonSpeed}} and {{TCG|Dragon SnarlDragonSnarl}}.
Dragons Exalted includes 128 different cards: 4 of which are {{TCG|Secret card}}s. The Ultra Rare Secret cards are Shiny Pokémon: a reprint of {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Serperior|125}} from {{TCG|Black & White}} ({{TCG|White Collection}} in Japan), a reprint of {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Reuniclus|126}} from {{TCG|Black & White}} ({{TCG|White Collection}} in Japan), a reprint of {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Krookodile|127}} from {{TCG|Dark Explorers}} ({{TCG|Dark Rush}} in Japan), and a card without an English release of the normal print before it, {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Rayquaza|128}}. Rayquaza's normal print was included in the Japanese {{TCG|Dragon Selection}}, which had not been released by the time the Shiny print was released in Dragons Exalted.
The {{TCG|Prerelease cards|Prerelease promo}} is {{TCG ID|BW Promo|Altaria|48}} from the {{TCG|BW Black Star Promos}}. This card erroneously credits the illustrator as [[HIRON]] when the actual illustrator for this print is [[5ban Graphics]]. {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Magmortar|21}} is printed with an alternate artwork than the one released in the Japanese Dragon Blade. Additionally, {{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Hoppip|1}} was erroneously printed with Skiploom's {{game|Black and White|s}} [[Pokédex]] entry.
Officially, the English release of the set contains 124 cards. Between alternate holofoils, promotional stamps, reverse holofoils, and Secret cards, the set contains 244246 cards (not including [[error cards]]). A list of the non standard cards can be seen below.
{{Setlist/header|title=Additional cards|tablecol=B69E00|bordercol=0d8059|cellcol=CC0000|promo=yes|symbol=no}}
{{Setlist/entry|9128/124|{{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|GarchompMilotic|9128}}|DragonWater|||Currently UnknownNon Holo {{TCG|Dragon SpeedDragonSpeed}} theme deck exclusive}}
{{Setlist/entry|9859/124|{{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|HydreigonGolurk|9859}}|DragonPsychic|||Currently UnknownNon Holo {{TCG|Dragon SnarlDragonSnarl}} theme deck exclusive}}
{{Setlist/entry|91/124|{{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Garchomp|91}}|Dragon|||Cracked Ice Holo {{TCG|DragonSpeed}} theme deck exclusive}}
{{Setlist/entry|98/124|{{TCG ID|Dragons Exalted|Hydreigon|98}}|Dragon|||Cracked Ice Holo {{TCG|DragonSnarl}} theme deck exclusive}}