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Pokémon Tower

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In the anime
[[File:PTower.png|thumb|170px|The Pokémon Tower]]
The Pokémon Tower appeared in ''[[EP023|The Tower of Terror]]''. The exterior of the tower looks significantly smaller than what the game depicts it to be. It hasis adepicted two horn-like objects protruding from the side of the tower,as a balconydecrepit thatmansion appearsrather to bethan a mouthgraveyard and two eye-like windows on the very top ofas it, this gives it an appearance similar to a devil. There are also several other balconies and windowsis coveringin the buildinggames.
The interiorexterior isof farthe lesstower likelooks asignificantly graveyardsmaller andthan iswhat morethe likegame adepicts mansion. The floors seemsit to be. unstableIt ashas ita onlytwo tohorn-like oneobjects stepprotruding forfrom [[James]]the toside fall toof the lower floortower, thougha itbalcony tookthat allappears threeto membersbe ofa Teammouth Rocketand totwo breakeye-like windows on the lowervery floortop intoof theit, Theit towera appearsdemonic toappearance. haveThere numerousare roomsalso includingseveral aother nursery,balconies aand diningwindows room, andon the aforementioned basementbuilding.
The floors seems to be unstable as [[James]] falls through to the lower floor due to a single step, although it took the weight of the entire [[Team Rocket trio]] to break through lower floor to the basement. The tower appears to have numerous rooms including a nursery, a dining room, and the aforementioned basement.
The tower is the home to the three {{type|Ghost}} Pokémon of Generation I. The group played tricks on {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} causing them to be afraid of the tower., Thougheven thethough threethey only wanted someone to play with.
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