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Suddenly, {{TRT}} shows up and takes Kenny's {{p|Floatzel}} until [[Flint's Infernape]] saves Floatzel with a powerful {{m|Overheat}}. [[Jasmine]] then introduces herself and challenges {{EF|Flint}} to a battle. Flint sends out his Infernape and Jasmine sends out {{p|Steelix}}. Dawn scans Steelix with her [[Pokédex]] and comments on the type advantage Infernape has, but Ash comments on how Steelix is also Jasmine's strongest Pokémon. Ash then decides to send out his {{AP|Infernape}} so that it could watch Flint's Infernape battle and take notes. After a tough battle and because of a type advantage, Flint's Infernape defeats Jasmine's Steelix with a powerful Flare Blitz.
After the battle, Kenny (carrying on with his plan) challenges Ash to a battle, and Ash happily accepts, so the battle is then scheduled to go on for tomorrow. Afterwards, Flint tells Ash about a past battle when his Infernape was still a Monferno and of the time he won the Sinnoh League. Flint also tells Ash that he is training for his upcoming match with Cynthia, and how he was unsure if he was either ready or not. Later on, Ash sees Kenny training his {{TP|Kenny|Empoleon}}, encouraging Ash to train Buizel, but Buizel's SonicBoom is deflected of a tree and then Empoleon deflects it back at Buizel. Because the two water types are so eager to battle each other, Kenny makes the request for the battle to be Buizel vs. Empoleon, and Ash happily exceptsaccepts the offer. The next day, the battle Ash against Kenny starts.
Ash sends out Buizel and Kenny sends out Empoleon, much to Dawn's surprise. During the battle Ash uses Flint's battling style and remarks that he wanted to polish {{AP|Buizel}}'s defense. The battle ends with Buizel losing after taking a direct hit with {{m|Drill Peck}}. After, Flints decided to go ahead and battle [[Cynthia]], and Dawn decided to go cheer for Ash at the Sinnoh League and then start her own journey. Kenny then leaves and continues his own journey.