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* This is the only episode featuring Team Galactic in which [[Saturn]] does not appear.
* The dub title for this episode may be a reference to the song ''Stealing My Peace of Mind'' by {{wp|Rhian Benson#Singles|Rhian Benson}}.
* The Finnish title is a reference to a commonly used proverb.
* When {{TP|Riley|Lucario}} comes out of control due to contact with the beam, its [[Aura]] can be seen in a dark color, which is probably a reference to the [[Shadow Pokémon]] from {{g|Colosseum}} and {{g|XD: Gale of Darkness}}, that also do not hesitate in attacking humans and have dark Auras, as well as to {{p|Lucario}} 's relationship with Aura.
* The object Mars put in the ruins resembles the image from a map of Sinnoh in the Sinnoh-based Pokémon games turned sideways.