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Synopsis: Pistols do not usually stare at people.
The episode opens with a recap over [[DP088|the past three episodes]] and explains the challenge introduced in [[DP090|the previous episode]]. [[Professor Rowan]] says that the last event will be a triathlon, and {{Ash}} get pumped up. He begins talking to {{an|Dawn}}, Brock and [[Angie]] about how he'll win, when Angie buts in that she'll win. Dawn has to separate the two and Ash wishes Angie good luck by extending his hand for a handshake. Angie [[MorpheusShipping|blushes]], remembering [[DP090|how Ash saved her]], and runs away. Ash is clueless as always about what just happened and begins prepping for the race. [[Conway]] pops up and has a talk with Dawn before running off as Rowan and [[Nurse Joy]] approach Ash and {{ashfr}} Brock launches into the usual routine before {{TP|Brock|Croagunk}} stops him. Meanwhile, [[Jessie]] is busy getting pampered and reassures her team that they'll win while {{MTR}} and [[James]] continue their duties.
The race is about to start, so Dawn recalls {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}} and Angie recalls {{p|Shinx}}. An aide fires the staringstarting pistol and Jessie quickly takes the lead. She easily reaches the first checkpoint and receives a {{p|Hippowdon}}. Jessie begins arguing with the aide over Hippowdon's {{stat|Speed}} while Ash and company reach the checkpoint. Ash, Dawn, Brock and Angie receive {{p|Spoink}}, {{p|Dodrio}}, {{p|Onix}}, and {{p|Ariados}} respectively and begin the first leg. Jessie finally starts out as other Trainers catch up and is propelled forward by Hippowdon's surprising speed. Back at the school, Rowan and the others monitor the race. With the race, Dawn has taken the lead with Ash closely following when Angie uses {{m|String Shot}} to propel herself into first. Picking up on this, many {{pkmn|Trainer}}s begin attacking each other. Conway takes advantage of this to pass them on {{p|Dugtrio}}.
Angie reaches the second checkpoint and trades Ariados for a {{p|Lapras}}. Ash closely follows, having passed Dawn, and receives a {{p|Mantyke}}. While Dawn and Brock trade for their Pokémon, Ash catches up to Angie when she again takes the lead with {{m|Ice Beam}}. Brock and Dawn, riding their {{p|Feraligatr}} and {{p|Sharpedo}} are passed by Conway and {{p|Floatzel}} and look on as he passes them. Jessie finally reaches the second checkpoint and argues with the aide over her position in the race and unfortunately receives a {{p|Magikarp}}. Surprisingly to James and Meowth looking on, Magikarp turns out to be incredibly fast.