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Iris's Dragonite

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* Dragonite is the first fully evolved [[pseudo-legendary Pokémon]] owned by a main character, though Ash owns {{AP|Gible}} and {{AP|Larvitar}, which evolvesevolve into a pseudo-legendarylegendarys.
* Dragonite is the first non-Unova Pokémon to be owned by a character in the ''Best Wishes'' saga, excluding {{AP|Pikachu}} and [[Meowth]].
* Dragonite is the first fully evolved second evolution Pokémon to be caught by a main character, and the second one acquired overall at their final stage, the first being [[Dawn's Togekiss]].
<!--* Dragonite's disobedience is similar to those of [[Ash's Charizard]] and [[Dawn's Mamoswine]].-->
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