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At the Pokémon Center, Joy tells the gang that there's a legend about a sanctuary place for Pokémon in this desert. More likely Cyndaquil is there. Ash heads out, Brock and Misty following; however, Joy didn't tell them where the sanctuary was.
Team Rocket start to complain about the mess they're in until they see Cyndaquil being carried off. The want to get it but [[Jessie]] and James don't want to go, so they just throw {{MTR}} down. Meowth lands on his face and gets his nose hurt too, causing another Dugtrio to carry him off with Cyndaquil. Jessie and James try to get out of the [[Transportation in the Pokémon world|balloon]] and end up falling down. They follow the two Dugtrio.
Ash seems to find nothing much out in the desert, but Pikachu spots a couple of {{p|Quagsire}} up upon a hill. The {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} start to walk away from them calmly and the gang takes a hunch and follows them.