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Although Action Replay can be helpful, it is also known to freeze the game occasionally and to cause minor problems:
Although codes that simply allow users to change Pokémon, levels, or stats tend to be harmless, others like Walk Through Walls or codes rewriting major events in the storyline may result in minor game glitches or corrupt the entire save file. However, if the user wishes to play their game without the use of codes or to fix glitches, they can restart their game file.
In addition, if one uses too many codes at once, the probability of freezing rises. Should one encounter freezing, they ought to disable a number of their codes before starting the game up again. Having only a few codes decreases the likelihood of "paradoxes" created in the coding, thus decreasing chances of freezing. Therefore, when the user turns the game back on, the trigger which prepares the execution of the code will not cause the game to freeze, and the user will be able to resume play. If used properly, the Action Replay is a useful tool for enhancing one's gaming experience.