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Typhlosion (Pokémon)

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Typhlosion is a combination of ''{{wp|typhoon}}'' and ''explosion''. Its name is also similar to the word ''typhus'', a Greek word meaning 'hazy' (which would describe the effect that the intense heat Typhlosion generates has on the air surrounding it), and it may also be related to ''tephra'' (volcanic material). It could also derive from ''{{wp|Typhon}}'', a monster in Greek mythology who fathered many other monsters with his wife, {{wp|Echidna (mythology)|Echidna}}; {{p|Cyndaquil}} resembles an {{wp|echidna}}.
Bakphoon is derived from 爆風 ''bakufū'' (blast) and ''typhoon''.
==In other languages==
{{Other languages|type=fire|type2=fire
|ja=バクフーン ''Bakphoon''|jameaning=From {{tt|爆風 ''bakufū''|blast}} and ''typhoon''
|fr=Typhlosion|frmeaning=Same as English name
|es=Typhlosion|esmeaning=Same as English name