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In spin off games
The [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon]] series takes place in a region that is populated solely by Pokémon; humans do not live there. Most Pokémon live in dungeons, as there is shown to be hardly any modernized communities among Pokémon themselves. The only towns shown are [[Pokémon Square]], [[Treasure Town]], and [[Shaymin Village]], all of which are very small. Some of the Pokémon within them form exploration teams that explore dungeons and help Pokémon in need. There is an associated federation similar to the Ranger Union in Fiore and Almia that organizes all activities for rescue and exploration teams. The [[Wigglytuff's Guild|Wigglytuff Guild]] is where beginning exploration teams live and learn the basics. The [[Makuhita Dojo]] and [[Marowak Dojo]]s are places somewhat similar to Gyms in the main regions where exploration teams hone their skills.
[[Pokémon Snap]] is set on [[Pokémon Island]], an isolated reserve home to many species of Pokémon. It appears to have a relationship with the [[Kanto]] region of the main series, as [[Professor Oak]] appears to have some authority over the island. [[Pokémon Channel]] is set in [[Mintale Town]], which is inhabited by many species of Pokémon. Humans may live there too; there is at least one suburban area. [[Holon]] and the [[TCGTrading Card Game Islands]] appear in the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] and the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game (game)|eponymous video games]]. The relationship of these regions with the others is unclear.