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Synopsis: If oasis is pronounced "oh-Way-sis" or even "OH-sis", this would be the proper indefinite article.
Ash seems to find nothing much out in the desert, but Pikachu spots a couple of {{p|Quagsire}} up upon a hill. The {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} start to walk away from them calmly and the gang takes a hunch and follows them.
Jessie and James see that Cyndaquil and Meowth are taken into a mesa, with a wall of {{p|Exeggutor}} in front of the entrance. The two Pokémon are passed onto an Exeggutor and then they are carried into aan oasis inside the mesa. (looks like the one in {{p|Mewtwo}} Lives) The two Pokémon stare around for a while, seeing that other Pokémon are running around enjoying this place. The Exeggutor calls out and a {{p|Miltank}} comes out of a hole in a tree. The Miltank walks up to them, greets them and proceeds to her work. She places a hoof on Cyndaquil's swollen nose and her tail starts to glow along with her hoof and then Cyndaquil, the swell gone in an instant. She then does the same to Meowth and his nose injury goes away as well. Seeing that they aren't coming out, Jessie and James make a run for it to the entrance, but the Exeggutor use {{m|Hypnosis}} and lead them out far away.
The gang finds a mesa, which might be the one. They see Jessie and James walk by, but they just walk by. Brock takes a notice of the Exeggutor in the distance, a direct approach won't work. Brock uses {{TP|Brock|Onix}} and they {{m|dig}} underground to the mesa.