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{{incomplete}}[[File:CrystalWallFreezeBolt59.jpg|thumb|right|Crystal Wall Ace Spec card]]
'''Ace Spec cards''' (Japanese: '''ACE SPEC''' ''Ace Spec cards'') are a classification of trading cards that debuted in Japan with the release of the {{TCG|Freeze Bolt}} and {{TCG|Cold Flare}} expansions and have yet to debut in the English sets.
An Ace Spec card is a very powerful {{TCG|Item card}} that has a special drawback. There can only be one Ace Spec card in a deck. There are currently only{{#expr: 4{{PAGESINCATEGORY:Ace Spec cards}} - 1}} Ace Spec cards.
==List of Ace Spec cards==
===Japanese cards===
{{Trainerlistbody|Gold Potion (Freeze Bolt 58)|Gold Potion|Rare Holo|Freeze Bolt|058/059}}
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[[Category:Item cards|**]]