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'''Cocoa''' (Japanese: '''チョウコ''' ''Chōko'') is one of the [[characters of the day]] in ''[[DP086|Arriving in Style!]]''.
Like [[Paris]], she is also a [[Pokémon stylistStylist]]. She entered the {{ci|Hearthome}} Collection Contest along with {{an|Dawn}} and {{Ash}}. Cocoa is a little conceited and somewhat of a snob. She yelled at [[Dawn's Buneary]] because the latter wanted to touch her dress. She also made fun of her.
In the Contest Cocoa gave an impressive show with her {{p|Mismagius}}. However Paris's teacher, [[Hermione]], was not impressed. She made it into the top three along with Ash and Dawn. Much to her dislike, she ended up in third place while Dawn won the prize.