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Metal Energy (Basic)

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'''Metal Energy''' is a Basic [[Energy card]] which provides one {{TCG|Metal}} Energy ({{e|Metal}}). This can be attached to [[Pokémon card]]s and used to power [[move]]s with Metal or {{TCG|Colorless}} Energy requirements.
It was first released in {{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}, as Metal-type Pokémon were getting to be much more prevalent in the TCG by this point, much like [[Steel (type)|their counterparts]] in the games. Unfortunately, both the [[Metal Energy (Special)|old Metal Energy]] as well as the [[Darkness Energy (Special)|old Darkness Energy]], which were originally released in {{TCG|Neo Genesis}}, were classified as {{TCG|Special Energy card}}s. Being such, only four copies of them were allowed in a legal deck, and combined with their rarity, many players had to go to great lengths to have a deck that even attempted to mix in a few Metal-types. With the new, Basic Energy version of Metal Energy, however, an unlimited amount are now allowed in a deck, though there is no specific advantage to using them, unlike their counterparts.
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