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On hand: Water aint super effective on steel/psychic
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|desc={{p|Bronzong}} is Lucian's main Pokémon. The first time he used it was in ''[[DP035|An Elite Meet and Greet!]]'', where it battled against {{an|Dawn}}'s newly captured {{TP|Dawn|Buizel}}. Because Buizel didn't listen to Dawn, he quickly lost despite having the type-advantage. Later in the same episode they had a rematch, and because Buizel was now listening to Dawn, the battle went better. However, Lucian eventually recalled Bronzong, saying that he had just wanted to prove Buizel's potential for becoming strong.
Later in ''[[DP040|Top-Down Training!]]'' Lucian used his Bronzong in his battle against [[Cynthia's Garchomp]], but the Bronze Bell Pokémon was soon [[fainting|knocked out]] by the Mach Pokémon's powerful {{m|Giga Impact}}.