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'''Team Rocket's Secret Empire''' (Japanese: '''ロケット{{tt|団|だん}}ひみつ{{tt|帝国|ていこく}}''' ''Rocket Gang's Secret Empire'') is an official<ref>[ Official Pokémon movie blog]</ref> {{wp|Twitter}} account operating under the tag '''@Pokemon_Radio''' that was set up on June 2, 2012. It is being used to promote "[[Pokémon Radio]]", which began on July 1, 2012. The radio show and tweets are written by Pokémon's sound director [[Masafumi Mima]].
The tweets are submitted in-character as {{an|Giovanni}}, and occasionally [[Giovanni's Persian|his Persian]], [[Matori]], {{MTR}}, or [[James]]. The account reveals information about [[Team Rocket]] that is not currently found elsewhere. So far the account has made 71102 tweets. The account's location is set as the [[Kanto]] region.
| 6:20 PM<br>July 8, 2012
|Jessie... where are you?!
| 6:29 PM<br>July 8, 2012
| Jessie's missing! If it continues like this, only Meowth and I will appear in the second episode... Tweet's news is... What what? Over there? Yes? Hereeeee? "Jessie is sleeping next to me?"<ref>[ This is in reference to a reply by ganimata_kt151. This person replied to the "Jessie... where are you?!" tweet by saying that Jessie was sleeping right next to him. ]</ref>... This... this is crazy! This is not the time to play! Jessie!!!!
| 6:43 PM<br>July 8, 2012