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[[File:Ash and Heracross.png|thumb|right|250px|Ash and Heracross]]
Heracross reappeared in ''[[DP182|An Old Family Blend!]]'', where it was intended to be sent to Ash. However, {{AP|SnorlaxBayleef}} was sent instead. It did join Ash for the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]], where it was used for Ash's battle with [[Nando]] in ''[[DP183|League Unleashed!]]''. It was put up against [[Nando's Kricketune]], and sent flying by {{m|Silver Wind}}. Kricketune then used {{m|Sing}} to put Heracross to sleep. However, while asleep, it was able to dodge Kricketune's {{m|Fury Cutter}} attack, because of the newly learned {{m|Sleep Talk}} attack, and combine it with an also newly learned {{m|Focus Punch}}. After it woke up, it had a fierce clash with Kricketune, which Heracross ended with a powerful {{m|Megahorn}}/{{m|Horn Attack}} combo, just before Kricketune attempted another Sing. After the battle, Heracross showed its affection towards Ash by "sucking on" his head.
In ''[[DP189|The Semi-Final Frontier!]]'', it was the first Pokémon to battle {{si|Tobias}} in the semi-finals of the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]]. It seemed to be an excellent choice, with a double type advantage over the Dark Type and a recently learned {{m|Hyper Beam}}, which collided with {{p|Darkrai}}'s {{m|Ice Beam}}. It tried to attack Darkrai with {{m|Horn Attack}} but was put to sleep by {{m|Dark Void}}. Due to Sleep Talk, it was able to hit the legendary Pokémon with a {{m|Megahorn}}, only to be defeated when Darkrai used {{m|Dream Eater}}, which allowed Darkrai to recover damage dealt by Heracross.