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<font color="green">He doesn't have to know about this nya. This will be a secret broadcast from our hideout.</font>
(Bubblingbubbling with excitement) <font color="red">Secret!?</font>
<font color="blue">A se-cret---!</font>
<font color="blue">Yeah, guests. … "and listen to them talk on various topics, whatever comes up." Pokémon raising specialists! You may never know what kind of talk comes up, so don’t miss it! Sorry. "In this corner, we decide which various Pokémon caretakers as well as Pokémon could fit in Team Rocket."</font>
After the commercial, the trio welcomes their special guest which is Ikue OotaniOhtani. After greeting her, rap music suddenly starts playing and Jessie is surprised. James starts singing to its tune though.
(rapping) <font color="blue">Before you came, I thought of asking questions singing, I have no doubt about this, yo.</font>
(rapping) <font color="orange"> And I can’t forget about “Po-ké-mon”! Yeeeeah!</font>
They end it with thanking OotaniOhtani and admitting it was awesome. Meowth suggests that they can talk about various things from now on while OotaniOhtani will be presenting the Pokémon she’s raising, but James says that he first wants to ask her impression about their mission. OotaniOhtani congratulates them and starts clapping her hands. As the Rockets seem to be surprised, she explains that it seems to her that they will succeed in their evil scheme. The trio says that they’re happy for getting praised like this and ask her if she really means it. She confirms it and replies that she loves their evil schemes. Jessie says that they just weren’t prepared for hearing such nice words.
Jessie then says that she wants to see Pikachu since she’sOhtani is raising it. OotaniOhtani suggests to take Pikachu out. Once it appears, the trio screams in excitement. Jessie wonders if it’s okay to catch it here. OotaniOhtani asks her in a suspicious tone what she meant by that. Jessie gets nervous and explained that she only said it absentmindledly and it wasn’t like she had an intention to do it. As they start talking at once, James tells them to change the topic and suggests OotaniOhtani put Pikachu in Jessie’s lap. Jessie refuses as she’s too scared, but IkueOhtani tries to do that anyway.
<font color="red">Comecomecomecome!</font>
(irritated) Pikachu…
After that, Jessie and James are eager to listen to Ootani’sOhtani’s story about raising Pikachu.
Their guest replies that Pikachu is relatively free and uncontrolled, and even though there were some difficult moments, but she managed to raise it without bigger problems, so it was pretty easy. Then they talk about various Pokémon that OotaniOhtani raises and wonder together which would fit Team Rocket. They start with Goldeen. Jessie has a hunch that it would do well, since it looked cheerful. But then, she remembered something and she asks OotaniOhtani if there’s some bluff behind it. She denies in a slightly offended tone. Jessie starts telling her about an old guy who’s selling Goldeens, but OotaniOhtani corrects her, saying it was Magikarp salesman. They end up talking about him and his sneaky ways of forcing people to buy from him. James cuts the talk off, as they got too far off topic.
He suggests obtaining Roselia. When Roselia appears and Jessie admits “It’s groovy, but… it would be pretty if not for…”, the Pokemon starts screaming in a high-pitched tone, scaring everyone. Meowth admits that it’s cute but raising it must be hard and OotaniOhtani agrees with him. After this, Jessie asks her if she has Banette too, because she thinks it’s cute. OotaniOhtani confirms it, but tells her to wait a little, because it’s hiding somewhere. Jessie and James suggest calling it or looking for it with a Pokéball. When Banette suddenly appears, it gets very agitated by something and starts rampaging in the studio. James tries to stop it. OotaniOhtani wonders if it’s because of the studio being orange and orange color is known as a stimulant. James notices that OotaniOhtani is wearing orange clothes today and they talk about the color orange more.
<font color="green">I heard that the color orange is good for your liver.</font>
(Everyoneeveryone laughs)
<font color="red">So, James… you better wear orange all the time!</font>
<font color="red">But you’re seeing it now.</font>
(Everyoneeveryone laughs)
<font color="red">I wish Mime Jr. would always be together with us.</font>
Then James and Jessie ask OotaniOhtani, what’s the key to raising Pokémon.
<font color="orange">I guess it’s the desire to talk.</font>
Later, Jessie asks their guest if there are Pokémon that are easy to raise and Pokémon that are hard to raise. When she says yes, James asks her for example so she started with Pokémon that are difficult to talk with, because it’s hard to mimic their sound. First she impersonated Oddish which she liked from the beginning. Then she tells the story of how hard it was for her to voice Zoey’s Glameow, because she had to learn the technique of rolling her r’s in the right way.
As they end the talk about Pokémon that OotaniOhtani raises, Jessie begins the talk about the movie, as she expresses her regret that they aren’t appearing in it. However, Meowth seemseems to have a big role in the movie’s short, as well as Pikachu. Later, OotaniOhtani promotes the movie.
<font color="orange">Pocket Monsters Best Wishes, The Movie: Kyurem VS the Sacred Swordsman: Keldeo, along with the movie short: Meloetta's Dazzling Recital. Presented to the public on July 14th!</font>
<font color="blue">Will we go together with everyone?</font>
After this, they end the corner with thanking OotaniOhtani for being their guest, and then take a break for a commercial.
When they return they start the next corner called “Team Rocket’s Knowledge Check” which is a short quiz. Meowth explains that they’re going to guess the titles of Pokémon opening and ending songs. Jessie says immediately to leave it to her. Meowth adds that if they know the answer, they should say the names of three Pokémon they know fast and then they could answer with the song’s title. However, they can’t repeat the name of a Pokémon they already said before. If their answer is wrong, they’re going to get clothespins attached to their arms. Jessie and James protest because it would hurt, and it was just supposed to be fun. Meowth ignores them and plays the first song’s fragment which is "Team Rocket Forever". Jessie volunteers to answer when Meowth reminds her to give Pokémon names first. As she names the Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Glameow, Pikachu, Meowth gives her the privilege to guess the song. Jessie is surprised and James starts to laugh. She says “I’ve been deceived” as she thought it was going to be a Pokémon names quiz. Then she answers that it’s “Team Rocket’s Song”. Meowth informs her that she was close, but it wasn’t right answer. James volunteers to answer as Jessie gets a clothespin attached to her. He lists Poliwag, Poliwhirl and Poliwrath and then gives the right title of the song. Jessie gets pouty because she said it was Team Rocket’s song and James says that it was his fault. Meanwhile, Meowth says general information about the song. When he says that it was produced in December of 1997, they’re all surprised that it was such a long time ago.
Then Meowth switches to the next song, "Face Forward Team Rocket". This time, the one who is clueless is James. Jessie is teasing him as she seems to know. Meowth plays the song one more time and Jessie decides to guess it. She goes with Meloetta, Kyurem and Snivy and gives the right answer. After that they sing along to the song as Meowth plays it once again. He says that it was Team Rocket’s single from July of 2001, and was 12th Pokemon anime ending which had Wobbuffet starring in it too. The next song is "Aim to Be a Pokémon Master". Jessie and James can’t believe it’s a song and not just a quote since all they heard was Ash saying “Pokemon! Getto da ze!”. They ask their guest if she knows the answer and she guesses it right. Meowth informs them that this single was produced in 1997 too and sold 120,000 copies in its first six months of release and 200,000 copies all time,. whichThis mademakes everyone impressed as they clap their hands. Next, Meowth gives homework for all members listening to the radio to guess the title of the next song before next week, and he plays its fragment two times. With this, they end the quiz and Meowth plays a shortened version of Team Rocket’s theme, "Team Rocket Forever".
After the song, Meowth asks everyone their thoughts about the first episode of Team Rocket’s program. Jessie says that she’s happy and James replies only with simple “Yeah”. She asks him why he’s such in low spirits. He replies that it was because he was thinking about various things, and admitted that he really is happy. Then they talk about the Twitter account of the radio program, to which their listeners can forward their questions and wishes. Meanwhile OotaniOhtani says that she wants to give it a try and become their member too. They tell her that she can tweet as well. James comes up with the idea for a corner in which he could boast about his bottlecap collection. When Meowth reminds him that it would be hard to see them, James says that he could show photos on Twitter. Later Meowth announces to all members that they can ask questions relating to the corners or their special guests. As they’re out of time, they finish their program saying “Victory! This feels good!”.