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|image=Pokéwood {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: n}} mod 4}}|0=Winter|1=Spring|2=Summer|3=Autumn}}.png
|location_name=PokéwoodPokéStar Studios
[[File:B2W2 Prerelease Pokéwood Typhlosion.png|thumb|left|A Typhlosion takes on mecha-Tyranitar]]
'''PokéwoodPokéStar Studios''' (Japanese: '''ポケウッド''' ''Pokéwood'') is a city in the [[Generation V]] games {{game|Black and White|s|4=2}} located north of [[Virbank City]].
PokéwoodPokéStar Studios has a feature like [[Pokémon Contest]]s, [[Pokémon Super Contest]]s, the [[Pokéathlon]], and [[Pokémon Musical]]s, providing {{pkmn|Trainers}} with an alternative to battling. PokéwoodPokéStar Studios allows the {{player}} to take part in making films involving Pokémon. The player will choose from various scenarios and act them out. Pre-release videos and pictures have shown PokéwoodPokéStar Studios to pay homage to {{wp|Hollywood}} and is where the player may take part in filming Pokémon movies. The films feature a scenario chosen by the player, and a number of Pokémon battles. [[Roxie]]'s father is also revealed to have co-starred in films alongside [[Brycen]]. PokéwoodPokéStar Studios has also been shown to include battle-style segments, such as battling against mechanical Pokémon.
==In the anime==
PokéwoodPokéStar Studios was featured in [[BW082]] of the [[Pokémon anime]].
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