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[[File:Egg case.png|thumb|right|100px|right|An Egg case]]
An '''Egg case''' is an {{pkmn|anime}}-exclusive item, in which individual [[Pokémon Egg]]s are usually kept. Egg cases are small and compact, and act like incubators as they protect the Egg inside from harm. The glass container is cylindrical in shape; it has a yellow lid, a pillow-like blanket at the bottom on which the Egg sits, and a [[Poké Ball]] on the handle for putting the newly hatched Pokémon in.
Egg cases have been used for a number of Eggs owned by [[Ash's friends|the protagonists]]. [[Ash's Donphan|Ash's Phanpy]] and [[May's Glaceon|May's Eevee]] are two Pokémon to have hatched out of such cases. {{OBP|Manaphy|M09}} had a different Egg case: the container was filled with water, had a gray top and bottom, and a light with a switch.
Egg cases are not used in the {{pkmn|games}}. Instead, Eggs are carried in the [[party]] along with the rest of a Trainer's Pokémon.