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Who calls it '3D Generation'?
To be honest, I find that term very inaccurate... Despite the fact that 3D graphics are attempted for the first time in Generation IV, neither DPPt nor HGSS are characterized by that. In fact, camera and movement-wise the games don't show their '3D convertion' that much. Furthermore, the fact that the battles are completely in 2D with no effects in that (in contrast to BW) whatsoever, makes it even harder to think of this generation as the '3D Generation'.
Out of all possible names, 'Touch Generation', 'Dual Generation', why '3D'? Isn't the point of naming Generations sticking them a name fans actually use, or at least one that fits? Ideally, I don't think there should be a "fan name" for Generation IV (or V, for all it matters), but at this point, I would say that 'Dual' is the most accurate out of the three (considering not even the Touchscreen was used that matchmuch besides in menus, until PokéAthlon); funny thing, 'Dual' was actually used for a while, back when people actually called the generations by fan-coined terms instead of numbers. But it just didn't stick in the end.
Is the named stuck for good, or is there hope for changing it? -[[User:Ash Pokemaster|Ash_Pokemaster]] 07:28, 9 June 2012 (UTC)