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title=Team Rocket Blasts Off! |
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published=January 2000 |
'''Team Rocket Blasts Off!''' by [[Tracey West]] is the fifth book in the [[Pokémon anime novelization series|adaptionadaptation of the Pokémon anime]]. It focuses on the [[Team Rocket]] trio]] of [[Jessie]], [[James]], and {{MTR}}. It was published by [[Scholastic]], and is 87 pages in length.
This novel follows the basic plot of <ab>''[[EP063|The Battle of the Badge]]'''Prepare butfor expands the story to include flashbacks from Team RocketTrouble!'''s past.
And make it double! When Team Rocket's boss leaves Jessie and James in charge, they become Gym Leaders. And Team Rocket doesn't fight fair.
Jessie and James are determined to finally defeat Ash and get their hands on his Pikachu. No matter what it takes.''</ab>
When Team Rocket steals [[Misty's Togetic|Misty's Togepi]] and presents it to [[Giovanni]], he is upset because the baby Pokémon is not useful to him. But before Giovanni can scold the trio, he receives an urgent call about trouble with his {{an|Mewtwo|ultimate Pokémon}}. He hurries out of the room, reluctantly putting [[Jessie]], [[James]], and {{MTR}} in charge of the [[Viridian Gym]]. In their excitement, Togepi wanders away.==Plot==
This novel follows the basic plot of ''[[EP063|The Battle of the Badge]]'', but expands the story to include flashbacks from Team Rocket's past.
{{TRT}}'s plot to capture {{AP|Pikachu}} has led them to [[Viridian City]]. Team Rocket views this Pikachu as very special, determined to capture it and present it to their boss, {{an|Giovanni}}. While searchingsurveying for{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}}, they notice {{TP|Misty|Togepi}} in the{{an|Misty}}'s basementarms. ofAt the[[Viridian Gym]] Ash, thecurrently triowith stumbleseven uponbadges, ais computerconfident databasethat ofhe Teamcan Rocketwin an [[Earth Badge]]. However, {{Gary}} arrives with his cheerleaders, and berates Ash for being constantly behind him. Gary approaches the gym's membersguards, announces himself, and it let into the Gym. WhileAsh readingtries theirto filesenter also, thebut triois reminisceprohibited aboutas only [[EP003|one of{{pkmn|Trainer}} theiris firstallowed battlesat witha time. Forlorn, Ash]] covers his head with his hands, [[EP028unaware that Togepi has climbed onto his shoulder. He is startled, and Togepi flies into the sky, into a {{p|theirFearow}}'s fashionbeak. salonThe scamFearow then drops Togepi onto [[James]]' head, and [[EP055|theirJessie]] encounterattempts withto Toddcatch Snap]]it. FrustratedJessie byfails theirto failurescatch Togepi, and in the trioprocess decidedestabilises a plank at the edge of the roof, and falls into a pile of rubbish. However, Togepi falls into Jessie's arms, and they return to disbandthe boss' headquarters at the Gym.
AsGiovanni theis threecurrently Rocketsbattling stormGary, awayand fromdefeating eachhim otherwith his {{OBP|Mewtwo|original series|ultimate Pokémon}}. Once Giovanni is victorious, the trio present him with Togepi. Although they realizeclaim that theirTogepi experiencesis witha Teamrare RocketPokémon, maythey havefail givento explain its powers, causing Giovanni to get angry with them. manyGiovanni hardshipsis then interrupted by a call about a problem with his ultimate Pokémon, butand leaves the trio in charge of the Gym. As they havecelebrate alsotheir hadnew goodpromotion, timesTogepi withescapes eachtheir othersight. {{MTR}} reminds the others that Togepi could be a useful bargaining chip for Pikachu, and becomethey closescour friendsthe Gym to search for it. ReunitedTheir search leads them to a basement, but the doors behind them shut unexpectedly. The door will not budge, and Jessie accidentally removes the doorknob from the door. The trio decideblame one another for their predicament, until Meowth breaks it up to gofocus backon upstairsgetting andout. runJessie finds a computer in the Gymhope that it can lead to a way out. On the computer's database, she comes across their Team Rocket file. Although the file criticises the trio, they pick out the compliments that the boss has given them, and recollect their greatest battles.
MeanwhileMeowth reminisces about his greatest attempt to capture Pikachu, [[EP003|when they sneaked up on them]] in [[Viridian Forest]]. Jessie and James sent out their {{AshTP|Jessie|Ekans}} and {{ashfrTP|James|Koffing}} continueagainst theirAsh, searchwho forat Togepithat time was an inexperienced battler and kept to the Pokémon League rules of only using one Pokémon at a time. WhenKoffing theyblinded finallyPikachu findwith it{{m|Sludge}}, theywhich runforced intoAsh to send out {{GaryAP|Pidgeotto}}. Although it evaded Koffing's Sludge, whoEkans haswas beenable beatento by{{m|Dig}} anunderground unknown,and incrediblysurprise powerfulPidgeotto. PokémonPidgeotto fainted as a result of GiovanniKoffing's and Ekans' joint attacks, and Ash had to send out his {{AP|Caterpie|Butterfree}}. AsCaterpie theyused ponderits what{{m|String kindShot}} ofto Pokémonincapacitate itKoffing mustand beEkans. Meowth then mistakenly recounts that he then battled and defeated Caterpie, thewinning reunitedtheir Teambattle Rocketagainst Ash. Jessie reminds him that Caterpie also wrapped Meowth into trioa reappearcocoon.
TeamJessie Rocketthen explainreminisces toabout Ashher thatgreatest theybattle, are[[EP028|opening currentlya thefashion salon]] at [[GymCeladon LeaderCity]]s,. muchThis tosalon hiswas shock.a Theyscam challengein Ashorder to asteal battle withrare Pokémon ownedthat bytrainers brought in for a makeover. Misty entered the Gym,salon butand thereJessie isgave her a twist:makeover. everyDespite timeMeowth oneruining ofthe Ash'sscam Pokémonby takesrevealing damage,their Ashtrue isidentities inflictedto withMisty, painJessie too.had Atthe firstidea theof battlekidnapping isMisty lookingand goodtying forher Teamup Rocketas bait. Ash, but{{an|Brock}} whenand [[Ash's SquirtleSuzie]] attacksthen arrived, and JessieAsh isand shocked,Brock theychallenged realizeTeam thatRocket theyto accidentallya leftbattle. theEkans painand shockerKoffing onwere theirdressed sidein too.elegant Eventuallyoutfits, Teamwhile Rocket loses the battleAsh and areBrock forcedsent toout awardPikachu Ash theand {{BadgeTP|Brock|EarthGeodude}}. TheEkans storyslammed endsinto withPikachu Teamby Rocketturning blastinginto offa againwheel, vowingand toKoffing oneused daySludge captureto eliminate Pikachu and Geodude. Jessie erroneously believes that this ended the battle, but James reminds her that Suzie's {{p|Vulpix}} used {{m|Fire Spin}} to blast them off.
===Blurb===James recollects his brilliant plan to capture Pikachu, [[EP055|by using a Pokémon photographer]] called [[Todd Snap|Snap]]. Although they believed Snap was excellent at capturing Pokémon, it turns out Snap was only a photographer and captured Pokémon on film. James then dug a trap for Ash and his friends, although the trap was dug over a water pipe, which collapsed and carried them away to a waterfall. Snap tried to rescue them with his camera strap, and James had Meowth steal Pikachu from Ash's bag using a net. James mistakenly recounts that he used one of his Rocket Bombs to eliminate Ash. However, Meowth reminds him while holding the Rocket Bomb, Ash asked them to pose for a picture, and in doing so, the bomb exploded in their faces. Then, Ash sent out his {{AP|Bulbasaur}} to rescue Pikachu, and blast them off.
<ab>'''''Prepare for Trouble!'''
AndWith makeTeam Rocket humiliated from their defeats, they start to turn on each other, and declare that they are better off going solo. Jessie recounts her time before Team Rocket, alone and friendless. James also recounts that before Team Rocket, he was due to be married to [[Jessebelle]], something that he dreaded. Before it double!joined Whenup with Team Rocket's, bossMeowth leaveswas Jessiea gutter cat, and Jameswas in chargelove with another Meowth called [[Meowzie|Meowzy]]. Meowth learnt human speech in order to impress Meowzy, theybut becomeMeowzy Gymfell in love with a {{p|Persian}} Leadersinstead. AndAll three realise that they are better off together in Team Rocket, and band together to try and escape and capture Pikachu. Jessie finds the building plans on the computer, and they escape via a door next to the computer. They plot to booby-trap the Gym so that they can doesn'twin fightagainst fairAsh.
Jessie and James are determined to finally defeat Ash and get their hands on his Pikachu. No matter what it takes.''</ab>
At the entrance to the Gym, Ash and his friends are searching in vain for Togepi when they hear its voice from behind the gym doors. With the guards gone, they find Togepi and enter the Gym. They find Gary and his cheerleaders, unconscious from his battle with Giovanni. Gary recollects his battle against the ultimate Pokémon, summising that an evil force is running the Gym. On cue, Team Rocket appears, announcing their promotion to Gym Leaders. Jessie, holding up an Earth Badge, asks Ash if he wants to challenge her for the badge. Although guessing that it is a trap, Ash has no choice, and makes his way to his platform. Jessie sends out a {{p|Machamp}}, a {{p|Kingler}} and a {{p|Rhydon}} to use in the battle. Ash chooses his {{AP|Squirtle}}, and Jessie responds with her Machamp. Machamp uses a {{m|Karate Chop}}, and Ash shockingly feels the same pain as Squirtle does. It is revealed that the trainer will feel the same pain as their Pokémon.
Ash then sends out Bulbasaur, to which Jessie sends out Kingler. Kingler blocks Bulbasaur's {{m|Vine Whip}} with {{m|Harden}}, and uses {{m|Bubble Beam}}. Ash feels every bubble hitting Bulbasaur, and falls to his knees. Ash sends out his Pidgeotto against Jessie's Rhydon, and uses {{m|Quick Attack}}. Jessie is surprised that she feels Rhydon's pain as well, as Pidgeotto uses a {{m|Double-Edge|Double Edge}} attack. She yells at James to turn off this feature, but he is unable to. Meowth pulls out a gadget in which he can use it to end the battle, but Gary knocks Meowth to the floor. Jessie sends out Arbok and Weezing, changing the gym rules. Ash then uses Pikachu to deliver a powerful electric shock to defeat Arbok and Weezing, and then to knock off Machamp, Kingler and Rhydon, winning the battle. Gary's cheerleaders cheer for Ash, while Jessie is reeling from suffering the same pain as her Pokémon. Jessie does not give Ash his Earth Badge out of spite, but Togepi finds Meowth's gadget and activates the button that blows up Team Rocket's platform. The badge falls out of Jessie's hands, and Ash catches it.
==Major Eventsevents==
* [[Jessie]], [[James]], and {{MTR}} become the temporary leaders of [[Viridian Gym]].
* {{Ash}} gets the {{Badge|Earth}}.
* Jessie, James, and Meowth disband, but come back together.
====Pokémon Debutsdebuts====
* {{p|Mewtwo}} ([[Mewtwo (animeoriginal series)|Giovanni's]]); (identity unknown to the protagonists)
* {{Gary}}
* [[Gary's cheerleaders]]
* [[Suzie]] (flashback)
* [[Todd Snap]] (flashback)
* {{p|Pikachu}} ({{OP|Ash|Pikachu}}'s)
* {{p|Meowth}} ({{TRM}})
* {{p|Togepi}} ({{anOP|Misty|Togepi}}'s)
* {{p|Caterpie}} ({{OP|Ash|Butterfree}}; flashback)
* {{p|Pidgeotto}} ({{OP|Ash|Pidgeotto}})
* {{p|Bulbasaur}} ({{OP|Ash|Bulbasaur}})
* {{p|Squirtle}} ({{OP|Ash|Squirtle}})
* {{p|Psyduck}} ({{OP|Misty|Psyduck}}; flashback)
* {{p|Geodude}} ({{OP|Brock|Geodude}}; flashback)
* {{p|Vulpix}} ({{OP|Brock|Vulpix}}; flashback)
* {{p|Arbok}} ({{OP|Jessie|Arbok}}; flashback as an {{p|Ekans}})
* {{p|Weezing}} ({{OP|James|Weezing}}; flashback as a {{p|Koffing}})
* {{p|Persian}} ({{OP|Giovanni|Persian}})
* {{p|Machamp}} ([[Giovanni]]'s)
* {{p|Kingler}} ([[Giovanni]]'s)
* {{p|Rhydon}} ([[Giovanni]]'s)
* {{p|Meowth}} ([[Meowzie]]; flashback)
* {{p|Fearow}}
==In other languages==
* Canadian French: '''{{ttEpilang|Team Rocket à l'attaquecolor=AAFFAA|Team Rocket attacks!}}'''bordercolor=FFAAAA
* Polish: '''|cs={{tt|ZespółRakeťáci Rprchají wze akcjiscény!|Team RRocket is running from inthe actionscene!}}'''
|fr_ca={{tt|Team Rocket à l'attaque|Team Rocket attacks!}}
|pl={{tt|Zespół R w akcji|Team R in action}}
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[[it:Il Team Rocket decolla!]]