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'''Rita''' (Japanese: '''レイコ''' ''Reiko'') is a [[character of the day]] who appeared in the episode ''[[AG012|The Lotad Lowdown]]''. She is the eldest sister of [[Nicole]] and [[Natalie]]. She is usually in charge of fixing the waterworks of the garden of the [[Flower shop]].
As Rita entered the shop, she was quite surprised by {{Ash}} and {{Ashfr|his friendsashfr}} visiting them. Rita told her sisters that there was a problem with one of the watering pipes of the garden. After the group finished touring around the garden, Rita told Nicole that she needed to replace the broken watering pipe. While the pipe was being replaced, the {{p|Lotad}} came in to help in watering the garden.
|epname=The Lotad Lowdown
|desc=Natalie and her sisters have multiple {{p|Lotad}} that are mostly used to help out in their flower shop. [[Brock's Ludicolo|One]] of them was given to Brock. They first appeared when {{Ash}} and {{Ashfr|his friendsashfr}} were freaked out by them but found out they were harmless, they then showed them a dazzling performance using their {{m|Water Gun}}. Later they were captured by [[Team Rocket]]{{TRT}} in their [[Team Rocket's mechas|boat mecha]], but with the help of {{AP|Pikachu}} and a powerful Lotad, they are able to be set free and Team Rocket are sent blasting off.
Lotad's only known move is {{m|Water Gun}}. However, Brock's knows both {{m|Water Gun}} and {{m|Razor Leaf}}.}}