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Ash asks Snivy if she can go on, which Snivy nods determinedly. Ash tells his Snivy to use Leaf Storm, which Gothitelle avoids by using Protect. Then, suddenly, Gothitelle uses {{m|Psychic}} to raise all the broken parts of the bridge. It was about to send it at Snivy when suddenly, the woman from earlier turns up!
The woman reveals that she is an older version of SalllySally and that the younger one was merely an illusion made by Gothitelle. Sally tells Gothitelle that they used to be old friends, and they go through a number of flashbacks. Gothitelle was saddened when Sally went to train to be a doctor, and it escaped from the factory. After the recounts, they wipe each others' tears off their faces. Gothitelle faces the fact that it can't go back into the past, no matter how many memories it can recount. Gothitelle decides to send Ash, Iris, and Cilan back to their world.
Later, the group is saying goodbye to Sally. Sally suddenly notices Gothitelle on top of the bridge, which they say a tender goodbye. Sally ask if she can visit Gothitelle again, which Gothitelle nods to as well as waving goodbye and vanishing. Officer Jenny turns up and says how strange it was for the fog to go away so quickly. The group look at each other and laugh.