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Synopsis: 'Brunet' is the male term.
They hurry to catch the tram that takes them through the [[Great Marsh]]. When they arrive, Crasher Wake rushes ahead and they arrive at an open field at sunset. They're startled by glowing eyes in the bushes, which turn out to be a bunch of wild {{p|Croagunk}}. Then, they follow a bunch of Croagunk Trainers to a giant {{p|Croagunk}} Temple. They meet up with Crasher Wake again, who informs them of the [[Pastoria Croagunk Festival]] and the ancient tradition of battling {{p|Croagunk}}, with the leader becoming Champion of the Great Marsh.
{{an|Brock}} intrudes in an argument between [[Nurse Joy]] and [[Hamilton]], a {{tt|brunettebrunet|blue green-haired in the first airing of the episode}} male whose Croagunk, Craig, won last year's Croagunk Championship. Brock goes crazy for Nurse Joy, proposing a marriage of their Croagunk, only to be Poison Jabbed by his own Croagunk and dragged off-screen.
{{TRT}} arrives at the Great Marsh. [[James]] recalls his childhood, during which he first met and rescued his {{TP|James|Carnivine}}, who was trapped in the Great Marsh mud.
Crasher Wake announces a championship battle between Brock's Croagunk and Craig. They take to the boxing ring and begin the match! Craig uses {{m|Cross Chop}}. The dueling Croagunk trade jabs and {{an|Dawn}} has trouble figuring which one is which.
Out of nowhere, Team Rocket storms the festival in a giant Croagunk robot. Its tongue steals the prized crown. Craig and Brock's Croagunk attack the robot, but are trapped by the tongue. Crasher Wake steps in to help, but suddenly remembers that he left all his Poké Balls at the gymGym! Everyone else's Croagunk attack the giant robot, but they're scooped into its belly! Chrissy heavily damages the robot, followed by Pikachu's {{m|Thunderbolt}}.
Crasher Wake retrieves the crown and asks the crowd if they agree that Nurse Joy's Croagunk won this year's championship. He awards her with the crown.