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A few hours later after they have all woken up, Marcel and the others are back at the lodge, Ash has decided to make a call to Professor Oak. Having explained the situation, Professor Oak is rather surprised they were hit by a Yawn attack. Max then reminds Ash of his Snorlax, so he asks Oak for it. Professor Oak says that he has been feeding it fresh [[Pokéblock]]s. Ash and the others are already familiar with Pokéblocks and their effects, and they are glad to see that he's feeding it some.
However, Oak tells them that Ash can't battle the other Snorlax with it because Snorlax needs to wait between meals to battle. But Professor Oak tells them that a decent way to evade Snorlax's Yawn attack would be to use a [[Pokémon]] with an [[abilityAbility]] such as {{a|Vital Spirit}} or {{a|Insomnia}}, so it won't be able to fall asleep. Max, having grown up with his dad, knows that {{p|Vigoroth}} has Vital Spirit! Seeing as there are Slakoth in this garden, there must be one close to [[evolution]]. To their luck, Marcel actually has been {{pkmn|training}} the lead Slakoth, and it is at a pretty high [[level]], so one more {{pkmn|battle}} should evolve it.
As Marcel leads them to Slakoth's current hideout, he tries calling them, but they are too scared to come out. Then, he says he has a plan to get rid of Snorlax but he needs them for it, especially the lead one. But they are all too scared to move. So now Marcel tries to explain the plan and says that all he needs is one of them evolve into a Vigoroth and taking on Snorlax in a battle. While it is taking the Slakoth so long to decide and convince the leader to try, Marcel is about to give up, but the lead Slakoth jumps out of the bushes and agrees to do as Marcel wants. Marcel thanks it and they go off to train.