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As well as producing unique or variant cards available at events, [[Nintendo]] has also released several varieties of promotional items in which to deliver special cards. Such mediums include [[Value packs & sets (TCG)|value packs, box sets]] and collector tins. The list below focuses on collector tins, each of which contain a promotional card and booster packs from recent Expansions. The items are listed in (roughly) chronological order and contain details of their contents.
== EX Series releases ==
=== EX Series Collector's Tin ===
[[File:EXTin1.jpg|right|thumb|135px|EX Collector's Tin]]
This tin was released in November 2003 and was the first Collector's Tin to be released by Nintendo. As the general collector's tin, with a window display and hexagonal design, did not debut until 2006, this collector's tin instead was rectangular and lacked a window.
*Double-sided poster
=== EX Series Deck Tins ===
[[File:EXDeckTin.jpg|right|thumb|135px|EX Deck Tins]]
These tins were released in October 2004 and were the first tins to be released in a number of different designs. They were designed to hold a 60-card deck in sleeves as well as other items, such as counters, markers, coins and dice. Their designs were based on Japanese booster pack artwork from ''{{TCG|EX Sandstorm|Miracle of the Desert}}'', ''{{TCG|EX Dragon|Rulers of the Heavens}}'', ''{{TCG|EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua|Magma VS Aqua: Two Ambitions}}'' and ''{{TCG|EX FireRed & LeafGreen|Flight of Legends}}''.
*Sticker sheet matching tin design
=== Collector's Carry Tin ===
[[File:EXCarryTin.jpg|right|thumb|135px|EX Collector's Carry Tin]]
This tin was released in 2005 and is a unique item amongst Nintendo's promotional items. It features a carry handle, a latch and is the largest tin to be released to date. It is the same tin that was used for the Japanese ''{{TCG|Emerald Gift Set}}'' in 2004. The tin art features a battle between {{p|Deoxys}} and {{p|Rayquaza}}, as depicted in ''[[M07|Destiny Deoxys]]''.
*EX Series booster packs (×3)
=== Holiday 2005 Collector's Tins ===
Following the success of their previous collector tins and responding to the feedback from the community, Nintendo released the first wave of new "window tins", in which people could see the promotional card included. The tins feature Japanese art from various sets along the side.
*''{{TCG|EX Unseen Forces}}'' booster pack (×1)
=== Holiday 2006 Collector's Tins ===
[[File:EXTin3.jpg|right|thumb|Holiday 2006 Collector's Tins]]
These tins were the first to have specifically-designed lids to distinguish between each other and the available promotional card inside each.
*''{{TCG|EX Crystal Guardians}}'' booster packs (×2)
=== Spring 2007 Collector's Tins ===
[[File:EXTin4_1.jpg|right|thumb|200px|right|Spring 2007 Collector's Tins (US)]]
[[File:EXTin4_2.jpg|right|thumb|200px|right|Spring 2007 Collector's Tins (UK/EU)]]
These tins were unusual as the tin designs do not match any of the promotional cards included (with the exception of Tyranitar in the UK and Europe), and the promotional cards differ depending on the country the tins were available in.
*''{{TCG|EX Power Keepers}}'' booster packs (×2)
== ''Diamond & Pearl'' Series releases ==
=== ''Diamond & Pearl'' Collector's Tins ===
[[File:DP-Collector-Tin-1.png|right|thumb|200px|right|''Diamond & Pearl'' Collector's Tins]]
These tins were the first official Collector's Tins to be released for the ''Diamond & Pearl'' Series, although previous tins had included cards from the ''{{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}'' expansion. For a time, preliminary images of these were displayed as including regular {{TCG ID|Diamond & Pearl|Torterra|17}}, {{TCG ID|Diamond & Pearl|Infernape|5}} and {{TCG ID|Diamond & Pearl|Empoleon|4}} cards, all found within the ''Diamond & Pearl'' expansion. Nearer their release, however, it was found that they included their {{TCG|Pokémon LV.X|Pokémon LV.''X''}} variants with promotional artwork instead.
**''{{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}'' booster packs (×4)
=== Lucario Collector's Tin ===
[[File:Tin DP Lucario.png|right|thumb|90px|Lucario Collector's Tin]]
This tin was released in September 2007 and was the first standalone tin to be released. The tin included a Japanese promotional Lucario LV.''X'' card, a reprint of the same card recently released in ''{{TCG|Mysterious Treasures}}'', released with the Visual Book for the first two ''Pokémon Card Game DP'' expansions.
*''{{TCG|Great Encounters}}'' booster pack (×1)
=== Holiday 2008 Collector's Tins ===
[[File:DiamondPearlCollectorTin4Wave1.png|right|thumb|Holiday 2008 Collector's Tins (Wave 1)]]
[[File:DiamondPearlCollectorTin4Wave2.png|right|thumb|Holiday 2008 Collector's Tins (Wave 2)]]
**''{{TCG|Majestic Dawn}}'' booster pack (×1)
== ''Platinum'' Series releases ==
=== Spring 2009 Collector's Tins ===
[[File:PLCollectorTins.jpg|right|thumb|200px|right|Spring 2009 Collector's Tins]]
These tins were released on March 2, 2009. Rather than including cards based entirely on an expansion, the cards are instead based on the three main Legendarylegendary Pokémon featured in ''[[M11|Giratina and the Sky Warrior]]'': Dialga, Giratina Origin Forme and Shaymin Sky Forme. All three cards are reprints; however, both Giratina LV.''X'' and Shaymin LV.''X'' were created with English exclusive artwork at the time.
Prior to the release of the tins, it was announced that each would hold one figure from the [[Pokémon Trading Figure Game]]. However, the TFG was later discontinued and these plans were dropped.
*''{{TCG|Platinum}}'' booster packs (×2)
=== Fall 2009 Collector's Tins ===
[[File:Fall 2009 Collector's Tins.jpg|right|thumb|200px|right|Fall 2009 Collector's Tins]]
These tins were released on September 2, 2009. They include reprints from ''{{TCG|Supreme Victors}}'', with new artwork, of three of the more popular Pokémon featured in the expansion: {{p|Charizard}}, {{p|Rayquaza}} and {{p|Garchomp}}. These reprints were never released in Japan.
* ''Platinum'' Series booster packs (×3)
=== Arceus Collector's Tin ===
[[File:Arceus Collectors Tin.jpg|right|thumb|90px|Arceus Collector's Tin]]
Originally scheduled to be released on December 2, 2009, this tin was brought forward to coincide with the release of the ''{{TCG|Platinum: Arceus|Arceus}}'' expansion on November 4, 2009. It includes a reprint of one of the three {{p|Arceus}} LV.''X'' cards from the expansion with English exclusive artwork.
* ''{{TCG|POP Series 9}}'' booster pack (×1)
== ''HeartGold & SoulSilver'' Series releases ==
=== Spring 2010 Collector's Tins ===
[[File:Spring 2010 Collector's Tins.jpg|right|thumb|200px|right|Spring 2010 Collector's Tins]]
Along with the release of ''{{TCG|HeartGold & SoulSilver}}'' in Western regions, the first batch of tins for the ''HGSS'' series of cards were released on February 24, 2010. The tins included promotional reprints of three {{TCG|Pokémon Prime}} cards, as well as four booster packs, from the expansion.
* ''{{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}}'' Series booster pack
=== Fall 2010 Collector's Tins ===
[[File:2010 Holiday tins.jpg|right|thumb|200px|right|Fall 2010 Collector's Tins]]
These tins were released between {{TCG|Undaunted}} and {{TCG|Triumphant}}, on September 15, 2010. Rather than {{TCG|Pokémon Prime}}, these tins include promotional cards of the [[Legendarylegendary Beastsbeasts]] as {{shinyShiny}} Pokémon. They also include cards of the corresponding Legendarylegendary Beastsbeasts from {{TCG|Secret Wonders}}.
'''Promotional cards:'''