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[[File:Snivy v01 040.png|thumb|200px|right|A typical Battrio puck, as of the Battrio V upgrade.]]
The stats displayed on the lower segment of each puck give a general indication as to how powerful a Pokémon is. The '''Attack''' (colored red) and '''Defense''' (colored blue) are displayed in blocks ranging from 1-5; 5 being more powerful than 1. This is only a rough indication, as each stat is a numerical value. Attack and Defense provide the base for all damage calculation in battles. The '''HP''' value in the center of these (above Defense prior to Battrio 0) shows how much a particular Pokémon will contribute to the overall HP of the team.
====Puck colors and spin colors====
Introduced on pucks from Battrio V, pucks may have either a black or white base as opposed to the Poké Ball designs prior to the upgrade. Grouping pucks by their base color will determine which Legendarylegendary Pokémon is summoned if '''{{Battrio|Advent}}''' is successfully triggered (see [[#Battling|Battling]]). Pucks also have colored segments at three points of the circumference, which denotes their spin color. Spin colors are either red, green, or blue. Grouping pucks by their spin color will allow the player to execute a '''{{Battrio|Spin Attack}}''' during the course of the battle. Pucks above Triple rarity do not to have base colors or spin colors. However, with the release of the ''{{Battrio|Sacred Sword Gathering}}'' expansion, scanning in a Triple rarity or above puck alongside two other pucks with the same base colors will result in the rarer puck adopting the same base color, allowing more powerful teams to ultilize Advent.
[[File:BattrioPuckScan.jpg|thumb|220px|right|Scanning pucks. Here the player has scanned in a {{p|Ho-Oh}} puck as the second Pokémon.]]
Upon starting a battle, the player has 60 seconds to scan in up to three Battrio pucks using the infrared scanner in the center of the console. The data is then transferred and each respective Pokémon will appear on screen. If the player has only one or two pucks, the game will assign random Pokémon to make the deficit. Players can scan two pucks portraying the same Pokémon as long as they are different in terms of stats or abilities. One could have a {{OBP|Turtwig|01-016}} from ''{{Battrio|Dialga and Palkia Clash}}'' and a {{OBP|Turtwig|02-022}} from ''{{Battrio|Darkrai Invasion}}'', but not two Turtwig from ''Dialga and Palkia Clash'' for example.
Before the actual battle phase, there is a pre-battle period indicated by a time bar in which players can arrange the positions of their Pokémon on the field. From the Battrio S upgrade onwards, Berries will also drop randomly on each side of the field that players can move their Pokémon over to collect and increase their '''Fervor Gauge''' (see Battling).
When individual pucks are positioned in the various "arrangements" detailed below, those Pokémon will gain a small Attack or Defense increase that may give them an edge in battle. Specific groups of Pokémon together on the field can also activate [[Battrio combos|combo bonuses]], typically those of an [[Evolution|evolutionary line]] or related [[Legendarylegendary Pokémon]].
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* All Pokémon in the "Advancement Arrangement" gain {{tt|+20 Attack|+10 Attack prior to Battrio +}}.
* The two Pokémon closest to the center of the battlefield in the "Flanking Attack Arrangement" gain {{tt|+25 Attack|+15 Attack prior to Battrio +}}, followed by {{tt|+10 Attack|Nothing prior to Battrio +}} to the Pokémon at the back.
* The lead Pokémon in the "Sudden Attack Arrangement" gains +30 Attack, followed by {{tt|+15 and +5 Attack|Nothing prior to Battrio +}} respectively to the Pokémon behind.
* All Pokémon in the "Retreat Arrangement" gain {{tt|+20 Defense|+10 Defense prior to Battrio +}}.
* The two Pokémon furthest to the center in the "Ambush Arrangement" gain {{tt|+25 Defense|+15 Defense prior to Battrio +}}, followed by {{tt|+10 Defense|Nothing prior to Battrio +}} to the Pokémon at the front.
* The Pokémon furthest from the center in the "Iron Wall Arrangement" gains +30 Defense, followed by {{tt|+15 and +5 Defense|Nothing prior to Battrio +}} respectively to the Pokémon in front.
====In Battrio 0====
[[File:Battrio0Battle.jpg|thumb|220px|right|The battlefield in Battrio 0.]]
The Battrio 0 upgrade rejects the "arrangement" concept in favor of individual areas of the field called '''Power Zones''' that provide Attack or Defense bonuses, represented by red and blue areas respectively. The positions of Power Zones vary from field to field, but they remain fixed for the course of the match. White Power Zones may also appear during the course of the match that provides both an Attack and Defense bonus.
The Battrio V upgrade no longer features the pre-battle period and the Power Zone mechanic, instead having an overall match timer. Battles are begun by the first Pokémon to accumulate enough Berries to fill up their '''Berry Gauge''', requiring the player to continually move and monitor the Pokémon they wish to use in battle.
Unlike Pokémon battles in the core games, the HP displayed on each puck is used to create one overall HP bar, as opposed to belonging to individual Pokémon. The way in which battles are conducted depends on the version of Pokémon Battrio the console is running, but will end once either the HP of one player is depleted or if time is up. In the instance of battles reaching the allotted time, the winner is decided by the player with the most HP remaining. Winning in battles earns the player money to spend in-game on various items and increases type experience, relative to the types of the Pokémon used in the battle.
====In Battrio and Battrio +====
[[File:BattrioBattle.jpg|thumb|220px|right|A battle in progress in Pokémon Battrio.]]
The player going first then has 9 seconds to choose which Pokémon to attack with and choose the opponent Pokémon to attack. The values for the Attack of the attacking player's Pokémon and the Defense of the defending player's Pokémon are then shown. Additional bonuses such as those gained from arrangements, combos or type advantages are then added or subtracted from those values. The Pokémon that has the highest value at the end of the damage calculation then deals that amount of damage to the opponent player's HP. In the event of a tie, damage is dealt to both players.
[[File:BattrioShop.jpg|thumb|220px|The Shop features an assortment of useful battle items.]]
Pokémon Battrio features a number of ways to battle in an array of battle modes.
* '''Versus:''' The simplest way to get into Battrio is to have a single round VS match against a computer-controlled opponent or against a second player using the 2P section of the arcade machine. As of Battrio V, there is an introduction tutorial from the main menu.
* '''Adventure:''' In Adventure mode, the player can choose an avatar from several different Trainer designs and participate in stage-based battles against CPU opponents. Opponents get more difficult as the player progresses. Boss Trainers may also be encountered along the way, akin to [[Gym Leader]]s from the main series Pokémon games. This mode is no longer supported in Battrio V.
* '''Battrio Tower:''' Introduced in the Battrio 0 upgrade, Battrio Tower is designed to be the ultimate test of skill as players are challenged to climb the tower and reach the top. Each floor has one Trainer with a set team of Pokémon (some floors may instead have a Pokémon that leads its own team), each one becoming progressively difficult as the Tower is climbed. Initially, Battrio Tower consisted of 100 floors. This was increased to 250 floors following the release of ''{{Battrio|Challenging the Myths}}'', again to 400 floors with the release of ''{{Battrio|Mewtwo Awakening}}'', and finally to 999 floors with the release of ''{{Battrio|Great Decisive Battle! Legendary Pokémon}}''. This mode bears some similarities to the various [[Battle Tower]]s in many of the [[Version|main series]] games.
* '''Challenge Battle:''' Also introduced in the Battrio 0 upgrade, Challenge Battles are designed to test a player's knowledge of different Pokémon and their capabilities. Each round has one Trainer with a set team, often featuring a particularly powerful Pokémon, and a pre-selected team of Pokémon for the player to use. There is often a certain strategy players must discover when competing in Challenge Battles. This mode is similar to the various challenges found on [[Battle CD]]s from {{g|XD: Gale of Darkness}}. This mode is no longer supported in Battrio V.
* '''Battrio Stadium:''' Introduced in the Battrio V upgrade, players face straight battles against Trainers until they quit or lose. Players can choose to face Normal or Strong opponents depending on their skill level. Players using Memory Keys can also participate in V Battles by getting four consecutive wins, in which they face a tough Trainer with V Power activated.
* '''Shop:''' The Shop can be accessed between battles in any game mode and can be used to purchase useful items that may aid the player with money they earn from participating in battles. Items include but are not limited to: various [[Potion]]s that refill a percentage of the HP bar; damage multiplier bonuses that are immediate upon starting a battle; a token that allows the player to activate Advent at any time during a battle, and; the ability to upgrade the experience level of a type.
===Memory Keys===
Memory Keys allow players to select an avatar from a number of Trainer designs and name it, becoming their profile for all battles undertaken whilst the Memory Key is plugged in the console. The Memory Key keeps track of wins/losses, money earned, items obtained, experience levels of types, and progress in game modes. It also has an LCD screen that players can view several of their stats on without having to plug it into the console. The screen can display the current experience level of each type by scrolling along the symbols on the screen, the player's current money total, medals earned in game modes, and their current floor in Battrio Tower.
[[File:Memory Key Pachirisu color.png|thumb|200px|left|A "{{p|Pachirisu}}-color" Memory Key from the Battrio S upgrade]]
Memory Keys are available in various different colors including the standard red or blue, and various {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}-themed color schemes, which generally tie in with puck expansion releases.
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