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Lugia (Pokémon)

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In the anime
=In the anime=
Three Lugia have appeared in the [[Pokémon anime|anime]]: a large Lugia from the second movie near [[Shamouti Island]] in the [[Orange Islands]], and a motherparent Lugia and its child Lugia (nicknamed [[Silver (Whirl Islands)|Silver]] by [[Oliver]]) near [[Silver Rock Isle]] in the [[Whirl Islands]]. In both cases a human has attempted to capture them: [[Lawrence III]] attempted to capture the large Lugia for himself, inadvertently threatening the world's balance in the process, and [[Dr. Namba]] attempted to capture both the mother Lugia and Silver for [[Giovanni]]. Both were foiled by [[Ash]] and his friends. Lugia is so far the only legendary Pokémon to appear majorly in three consecutive regular Pokémon episodes.
=In the manga=