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After the villagers thank him and Miruto for helping them and rescuing their Pokémon, the two leave towards a road. Ryouga reveals that he intends to climb the dangerous Mt. Serables so that he can look for his friend, the mysterious Arcades. He quickly learns of a special flower that grows on the mountain on a special day every five years, this day being that day; after learning this, Ryouga and Miruto begin climbing the mountain.
[[File:Compass of Light.png|thumb|left|200px|Ryouga and the Compass of Light]]
While climbing Mt. Serables, Ryouga and Miruto meet Tougo, an oafish mountain climber with a big ego who is also trying to climb the mountain. As all of them climb the mountain, Ryouga and Miruto are attacked by Major [[Hilgreitz]], a member of the Great Gabel Organization. Hilgreitz reveals that he can use Burst and challenges Ryouga to a battle; Ryouga accepts and they begin fighting. The fight seems to go in Ryouga's favor until is revealed that Hilgreitz is immune to electric attacks and he quickly deals a powerful blow to Ryouga. The fight goes on and with the help of Tougo and his {{p|Galvantula}}, Ryouga manages to deal a powerful blow to Hilgreitz. The attack isn't enough to finish off Hilgreitz, however, and he tries one final attack on Ryouga, but when Ryouga remembers a time when he was young, Ryouga unlocks his {{type2type|Dragon}} abilities and uses them to defeat Hilgreitz. With Hilgreitz defeated, Ryouga and Miruto find the Silver Drop and Ryouga uses it heal himself and Tougo's injured Galvantula.
Sometime later, Ryouga and Miruto meet [[Yappy]], a freelance photographer who aims to expose the evil in the world, and saves him from an angry chef after he ran out without paying his food bill. After getting acquainted with him, Yappy knocks the two into a cliff filled with {{p|Darmanitan}}. As it turns out, Yappy had seen Ryouga using Burst and aims to expose the idea of a "human Pokémon" to the world for his own gains. After driving away the Darmanitan, Ryouga and Miruto capture Yappy to decide what to do with him. That night, Yappy escapes and steals Ryouga's Burst Heart and glove while he sleeps and intends to sell it. Ryouga and Miruto are awakened by a huge blast of lightning; as it turns out, Yappy had attempted to use the Burst Heart to Burst with Ryouga's Zekrom but was only shocked due to a lack of training. They capture him one last time and while Miruto decides to just leave him there, Ryouga opts for him joining them on their quest. This shocks Miruto and Yappy but Ryouga states that he and Yappy are similar because they want to be the best at something. The two untie their new teammate and he offers to escort them out of the forest.
As a user of Burst, Ryouga can use many of the abilities of the Pokémon he combines with: his Zekrom. Due to the typing of Zekrom, Ryouga has the ability to use both Dragon and {{type2type|Electric}} powers (although he couldn't originally use {{type2type|Dragon}} moves). As a normal human, Ryouga has immense physical strength, but with the power of Burst, his strength is augmented greatly.
===Known techniques===