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Appendix:Gold and Silver walkthrough/Section 26

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[[File:Viridian Gym GSC.png|thumb|right|Viridian Gym]]
[[Blue (game)|Blue]] is the only Gym Leader not to specialize in a single type, instead using the team he had during his time as Champion. This is the final Gym battle, and the most diverse opponent team yet. His {{p|Pidgeot}} and {{p|Gyarados}} are both susceptible to {{type2type|Electric}} attacks, {{p|Rhydon}} and {{p|Arcanine}} are weak against {{type2type|Water}} moves, and his {{p|Exeggutor}} and {{p|Alakazam}} are both vulnerable to {{type2type|Dark}} attacks. Be especially watchful of {{p|Gyarados}}' {{m|Hyper Beam}}, {{p|Exeggutor}}'s {{m|SolarBeam}}, and {{p|Rhydon}}'s {{m|Earthquake}}.