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Appendix:Gold and Silver walkthrough/Section 23

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[[Image:Pewter Gym GS.png|thumb|right|Pewter Gym]]
[[Brock]] still commands the [[Pewter Gym]], meaning that the place still specializes in the {{type2type|Rock}}. {{type2type|Grass}}s will have the advantage over all five of his Pokémon, while {{type2type|Water}}s will only be effective against his {{p|Graveler}}, {{p|Rhyhorn}}, and {{p|Onix}}. Moves like Graveler's {{m|Earthquake}}, Rhyhorn's {{m|Horn Drill}}, and (for {{type2type|Water}}s) Kabutops' {{m|Giga Drain}} are the biggest threats, but by now your team should be higher-leveled than Brock's team anyway.
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