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[[File:RBGlitchNameFA.png]] A.K.A.'''Glitchy Nidorino''' (sometimes nicknamed '''Glitcherino''') is a {{type2type|Poison}} [[Glitch Pokémon]].
Its name consists of three illegible tiles: {{tt|199|Decimal}} (0xC7), 161 (0xA1), and 190 (0xBE). It can only be obtained via the [[Johto guard glitch]] with {{p|Qwilfish}}. It often appears in the teams of [[glitch Trainer]]s. The game brings up an invalid glitch Trainer which freezes the game if it is directly encountered as a wild Pokémon, so it is not available via the [[Mew glitch#Ditto glitch|Ditto glitch]]. When traded to {{game|Yellow}} Version, it becomes a [[ゥゥ♂]].