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Giant (EP029)

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'''Giant''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|G|ジャイアント}}{{tt|高田|たかだ}}''' ''Giant Takada'') is a [[character of the day]] in the {{pkmn|anime}} who appeared in ''[[EP029|The Punchy Pokémon]]''.
Giant and his {{p|Hitmonlee}} were going to be competitors in the [[P1 Grand Prix]]. {{TRT}} wanted to compete as well so they could win the grand prize. Realizing they didn't have any {{type2type|Fighting}} Pokémon, they decided to steal one.
Unfortunately for Giant, his Hitmonlee was the first Pokémon the trio saw. Somehow, they snuck up on him, tied him up, and stole his clothes. Using his Hitmonlee, they entered the tournament disguised as Giant. Team Rocket managed to get to the finals. However, {{Ash}} caught on to their plan when trying to beat them in the finals and was able to defeat them with his {{AP|Primeape}}. It is not known what happened to Giant after Team Rocket robbed him.